A smiling headshot portrait of SEIU member leader Betty Holladay
Region 1

Central Valley: Marion & Polk Counties Asst. Director

Betty Holladay

Compliance Specialist

Growing up in Tennessee during the Civil Rights movement, Betty Holladay was profoundly influenced by the times and by her mother, who continually sought fairness and equity for all people. Betty’s prospective broadened even more after moving to Oregon and discovering that being union meant fairness for workers and the fight for broader social justice.

Betty believes that SEIU 503’s ability to continually change and adapt gives us great strength. Even when the battles are difficult, we address the hard issues and confront them head-on. Betty champions the fight for social and economic justice, whether it’s the Fight for $15, LBGTQ rights, paid sick leave, or a multitude of other issues.

Hiking, beachcombing, dancing, and the arts are some of her favorite pastimes, but mostly, she loves connecting with friends and making new ones—many of whom she’s met through our Union.