A smiling headshot portrait of SEIU member leader Dan Smith
Sector 5

Institutions Director

Dan Smith

Clinical Psychologist

Dan Smith recalls the days back in Illinois when his grandfather would take the whole family to Labor Day picnics on the banks of the Mississippi River. He remembers stories of how other workers turned to his grandfather for representation on the job. A bricklayer by trade, his father also made it clear the Union was an important part of his life and he would sometimes take Dan along to Union meetings. Dan learned very early on that when workers couldn’t stand united, they would fall divided.

A long-time leader in SEIU 503, Dan takes particular pride in our union’s diversity. He believes whether you’re male, female, a low-wage worker, professional, care provider or government worker, our unity in diversity makes our union among the strongest in the nation.

Dan finds wood splitting cathartic and likes the tangible results of being able to see how much work you’ve accomplished. He and his wife enjoy a rural lifestyle as a solace from the demands they face as mental health therapists throughout a typical workday.