A smiling headshot portrait of SEIU member leader Keary DeBeck
Sector 4

Specials Assistant Director

Keary DeBeck

Information Systems Specialist
Oregon Dept. of Justice

Raised in an atmosphere of fairness and just treatment for all, Keary DeBeck was instilled with a deep sense of social responsibility, in part through his grandfather who served for a time as parliamentarian to the British Columbian Parliament.

A 30-year SEIU member, Keary was moved to activism by the disparity of treatment, unfair discipline for minor offenses and draconian-type punishment he witnessed at the Department of Justice 15 years ago. Learning the difference between issues addressed through collective bargaining and those that required direct action or a grievance allowed him to better advocate for his co-workers.

Keary knows that a well-educated and competitive workforce drives a good economy. He believes that our union’s work on economic justice issues—raising the wage floor, affordable and accessible healthcare, retirement security and affordable education for all Oregonians—is key to building such a workforce.

Fond of novels and historical books including presidential biographies and the Federalist Papers, Keary also enjoys most types of live entertainment.