A smiling headshot portrait of SEIU member leader Rob Fullmer
Sector 1

Higher Ed Director

Rob Fullmer

Info Technology Consultant
Portland State University

Rob learned about labor history in college and was thrilled to be represented by SEIU when he was hired by Portland State University in 2004. Knowing how important unions are to securing better compensation and working conditions for not just those they represent but everyone, he has been increasing his level of participation ever since.

Rob says, “I am proud of our values, that all workers should be treated with respect and dignity in the workplace and paid a living wage, and the effectiveness joining in alliances with others who share those values. We need to continue to pull together with both our brothers and sisters in labor and with other interest groups who seek a fair and just society for everyone.”

Rob intends to run for office someday, and is active in politics and in organizing his neighborhood and city. Whether it’s advocacy for issues with the Portland City Club, running a monthly neighborhood cleanup where he lives, serving the city of Portland as a budget advisor, or chairing the neighbor safety & livability committee in my district, Rob makes every effort to make a positive difference for his community.