A smiling headshot portrait of SEIU member leader Sara Campos
Sector 6

Local Government Director

Sara Campos

Health Educator
Marion County

Sara Campos grew up hearing about the importance of belonging to a Union from her grandpa, who taught her about the many ways belonging to a union can improve one’s lot in life. From a young age, Sara’s plan was to grow up and get a stable union job.

As a highly motivated member of the millennial generation, Sara is ready to take the torch and run with it. Our Union’s involvement in social justice issues excites Sara. She knows what young voters can do at the polls and hopes we can harness her contemporaries’ energy to drive the kind of positive change necessary to build a just and vibrant society. Our willingness to fight for what we care about, no matter how big or small, makes Sara proud to be part of SEIU 503’s leadership.