A smiling headshot portrait of SEIU member leader Shaun Notdurft
Sector 7

Private Nonprofit Assistant Director

Shaun Notdurft

Direct Care Provider
Oregon Supported Living Program

Shaun Notdurft got involved with his union from the first moment possible—as a leader and active member of the organizing committee at his worksite, the Oregon Supported Living Program.

Shortly after the workers’ successful election in June 1996, Shaun helped negotiate the workers’ first contract. For Shaun, winning just cause language was key to his colleagues’ sense of empowerment: Workers knowing they could bring their opinions and ideas to unit team meetings with management, without fear of retaliation, introduced a more collaborative approach to client care through increased worker participation and their ability to help guide the work.

Since OSLP joined the union as one of our first private non-profit care facilities 18 years ago, the diversity in the types of workers organized, like homecare, child care and adult foster homes has been a particular point of union pride for Shaun. Building on what was primarily just public sector, SEIU 503 has grown into a vibrant and diverse union in the course of Shaun’s membership.

When Shaun isn’t playing with his band and writing “predominantly instrumental, slightly psychedelic, doom music,” he enjoys hiking and camping.