A smiling headshot portrait of SEIU member leader Helen Moore
Region 5

Eastern & Central Oregon: Director

Helen Moore

Eastern Oregon University

Helen’s first recollection of experience with a union came when she was in grade school and her father went out on strike at the sawmill where he worked. It was a vivid memory for her. Her father didn’t want to strike, but he said the company had given him no choice. He went on strike for a wage increase and for better benefits, but mostly he walked the picket line because he wanted to be treated fairly and he wanted safer working conditions.

Helen works at Eastern Oregon University. She became active in her Union to ensure fairness and equity for all workers on campus.

Helen says, “I’m very proud of the work we SEIU Local 503 members have done to make sure every member of our society has a fair shot at employment, health care, education and everything else that adds up to the quality of life that we all deserve. I’m especially proud of our work with our SEIU care providers and all the advancements joining SEIU has helped them achieve. I work in an office and cannot imagine the strength and dedication required to do the work that our care providers do with dignity and compassion.”

Helen enjoys gardening, reading, sewing and playing with her grandchildren. She’s an avid country music fan, and one of her very favorite birthday presents was when her daughter took her to the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand ole Opry in in Nashville.

Contact: mooreh@seiu503.org