A smiling headshot portrait of SEIU member leader Susan Mundell
Sector 4

Specials: Assistant Director

Susan Kay Mundell


Susan says she knew nothing about unions when she started working at PERS. She says she joined the union “because I had to pay dues anyway so I might as well have a voice too. Several years later I began to feel that it wasn’t right for someone else to do all the work for me in the union and that I should step up and help. I began as local 459 Treasurer and learned a lot about how unions (SEIU in particular) work and the great work that is and can be accomplished by being part of and not only being a voice but using your voice with the union. I have been a part of Local 459 leadership since 2009 and have fulfilled roles from Treasurer, newsletter author, top CAT, Specials Coalition Bargaining Delegate to Vice President and now Local 459 President as well as Specials Coalition Director.”

She is proud of being a member of SEIU 503 because of the inclusivity and consideration of the diversity of our community. She is very proud that we are focusing on helping all Oregonians rather than only those that are part of SEIU 503. Susan looks forward to helping SEIU 503 grow their membership and continue the vision of improving the lives of Oregon’s most vunerable and all working families.

In her spare time Susan enjoys PC gaming, and met her husband, Brent, who is from South Africa, in the World of Warcraft online game and they have been happily married since 2009. She has two adult children and 2 grandsons who are the light of her life.

Contact: mundells@seiu503.org