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Salutation/LastWorksite NameWork Email
Amy Corder Avamere at Sherwood - ALF
Anne Kirby DHS - Hillsboro Multi Service Center CW
Barbara Rodge
Jeannette Hughes Avamere Suzanne Elise - ALF
Jessica Bodle Avamere at Sandy - ALF
Maretta Grimes Avamere at Bethany - ALF
Marie Mathisen Avamere at Hillsboro - ALF
Mike Kashdin Avamere at Sherwood - ALF
Nicholas Herl Avamere at Seaside - ALF
Nina Massey Avamere at Sandy - ALF
Stacey Olson Avamere Suzanne Elise - ALF
Sylvia Parks-Shell State APD - *UNTURFED*
Walt Plummer Avamere at Seaside - ALF