Community Guidelines for SEIU 503 Facebook Pages

Our goal is to maintain a community where union members and other interested individuals can feel free to debate issues, discuss ideas and express themselves. We encourage the following feedback:

• “On topic” and responds to the content in an article or post,
• Responds to comments left by other followers,
• Brief and to-the-point,
• Constructive and civil tone, and,
• Offers an opinion without insulting individuals, groups or organizations.

Threads: We will remove entire threads if the discussion violates the rules above or our Code of Conduct.

Facebook is not a forum to address individual issues. Please call the SEIU 503 Member Resource Center (see numbers above) or contact a local officer or field organizer if you have concerns or questions about:

• Your rights under the union contract,
• Your benefits questions or issues or
• Your grievance issues or questions.

Please note: SEIU 503’s Facebook page may not be used for campaigning purposes for any internal union elections. Campaign-related content will be removed by moderators and those who post will be warned. Multiple offenders may be permanently blocked from the page.

Additionally, please do not post content that:
• Uses foul, discriminatory, libelous or threatening language, or is racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable or harassing,
• Contains advertising, solicitations or spam,
• Promotes personal businesses, charity or fundraising activities,
• Invades the privacy of others,
• Violates trademark or copyright laws or other laws or,
• Attacks individuals, groups or organizations.

Rarely and reluctantly, and consistent with Article V, Section 3 of the union’s bylaws, we reserve the right to delete comments and/or images that violate these guidelines.

Please note that while social media is a 24/7 medium, our moderation capabilities are not. While union members and staff will regularly monitor these pages, we may not see every comment right away, and we trust in the dignity of our community to politely respond to negative content or to simply ignore it. If you have any questions regarding the moderation of this page, contact