In 2021, homecare and personal support workers are bargaining a new contract that covers wages, benefits, and workplace conditions like safety, telework and more. Scroll down the page for the latest information about what’s happening at the bargaining table.

Meet your 2021 bargaining team

SEIU 503 is a member-run union. Members elect a bargaining team of their peers every two years. With legal, negotiation and logistical support from union staff, your bargaining team fights to make sure your priorities are reflected in the final contract. Click a photo for more information.

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Joye Willman
Holly Garland
Nannette "D" Carter-Jafri
Tammy Tate Houdroge
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Sally Cumberworth
Cristal DeJarnac

Avery Horton
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Key issues for 2021

These are determined by bargaining surveys, which were taken by a record number of members in the fall/winter of 2020.

  1. Wages. The state budget is in better shape than anyone thought a year ago. That is in large part because essential workers did their jobs through the pandemic and wildfires, and kept our seniors and people with disabilities safe. We’re fighting for a cost of living increase to bring our base pay up.  
  2. Hazard Pay. Essential workers need to be treated like they are essential. The state needs to respect us, protect us and pay us. That means hazard pay for working through a pandemic without any additional compensation.
  3. Protecting hours. Consumer hours are not directly a condition of bargaining. They are set by the State and Federal Government Medicaid services. However, we are working to make sure anything we do at the bargaining table protects consumer hours from cuts.
  4. Getting paid on time, every time. In our last contract we won compensation when pay is late. We need to go farther to stop the problem from happening in the first place.
  5. Equity. Every SEIU member deserves a fair shot regardless of the color of their skin, their zip code, or the language they speak. In bargaining we have the opportunity lift up employees whose communities are underrepresented or ignored.  

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