Why Choose To Be A Member? The Union Difference!

  • ✅ Better wages and benefits.
  • ✅ Save thousands on healthcare premiums.
  • ✅ A contract, union stewards and organizers who make sure you get treated fairly at work.
  • ✅ Member-only advantages like free college courses, up to $20,000 in life insurance, and discounts on everything from travel to legal advice.

All of this possible because people like you choose to be a member in union.


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What Are Union Dues?

1.7% of salary + $2.75 per month

Who We Are

We are an organization of more than 72,000 people who, by joining together, are achieving what we cannot accomplish alone. By standing together, we have a voice in our contracts and our daily work lives.

We provide valuable services to our communities, doing more than 500 different jobs in 85 state, local government and non-profit agencies and care facilities. The services we provide include helping Deaf people get access to education, testing new drivers, collecting revenue, helping veterans, assisting at-risk youth, repairing bridges, maintaining Oregon’s parks and caring for children, seniors, and people with disabilities — just to name a few.

The work we do touches the lives of every single Oregonian. We are proud to stand together for the quality services we provide for our communities and families.