Thank you for joining our Facebook Action on Late Pay. The goal of this action is to force the Department of Human Services to negotiate with us on the issue of late pay. You will need a Facebook account to participate in this action.

At our last bargaining meeting, the State rejected our offer to fix the late pay system. We proposed a few common-sense solutions, such as moving paydays that fall on a holiday to before the holiday and allowing people who miss a payday to get another check quickly, instead of waiting for the next payday. It’s incredibly disappointing to see the State drag their feet on this.

So we’re putting pressure on DHS in a public place, Facebook. Here’s how you can participate.

Step 1

Go to this recent facebook post from the Oregon Home Care Commission. Here’s the link.

Step 2

Leave a comment. We’ve provided a sample comment for you below but we strongly encourage you to personalize the message. If you’ve ever received a late paycheck, include that. If you’ve heard about other workers who have run into problems with late pay, say that.

Sample message: I am a homecare worker and I demand to be paid on time every time. DHS admitted to issuing nearly 10,000 late paychecks to homecare and personal support workers in 2018. Who knows how many since then? That is unacceptable. In no other job would people tolerate not getting paid on time. This needs to be fixed. Our union has common sense solutions on the table, and I want to know why DHS isn’t working with us to fix this. 

Step 2.5

Revisit theOregon Department of Human Service Page, which we targeted on Labor Day and leave another comment. Here’s the link.

Step 3

Let us know that you left a comment.

Record Your Facebook Action

Thank you for your participation. Use this form to let SEIU 503 staff know you took action to stop late pay.