Published: January 28, 2020

This year SEIU 503 will elect more than 700 people to leadership positions across the state. As results from sub-local elections become available, they will be posted here. Results are posted in order they are finalized. Please reference the elections timelines to see when your sub-local ballots are due.

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State Agencies

Department of Administrative Services – Sub-local 125

Published April 22, 2020 

President: Stephen Walsh
Vice President: Jeni Hall
Secretary: Shirley Smith
Treasurer: Elaine Schacher
Chief Steward: Stephen Walsh
General Council Delegate #1: Jeni Hall
General Council Delegate #2: Robert Barker
Bargaining Delegate #1: Jeni Hall
Bargaining Delegate #2: Stephen Walsh
Bargaining Delegate #3: Aaron Ward
Alternate Bargaining Delegate: Robert Barker
Steward: Jeni Hall
Steward: Stephen Walsh
Steward: Michael Garrison
Steward: David Darcey
Steward: Shirley Smith
Steward: Thomas Deleon
Steward: Elaine Schacher

Department of Agriculture – Sub-Local 603

Published April 17, 2020

President – Gilbert Uribe
Vice President – Theodore (Ted) Bunch Jr.
Vice President Portland – Vacant
Secretary – Grant Jackson
Treasurer – TBD
Chief Steward – Roberta Laux

General Council Delegate #1 Theodore (Ted) Bunch Jr.
General Council Delegate #2 – TBD

Bargaining Delegate #1 – David Priebe
Bargaining Delegate #2 – Roberta Laux
Bargaining Delegate # 3 – Theodore (Ted) Bunch Jr.
Bargaining Delegate #4 – TBD

Commission for the Blind – Sub-local 585

Published April 17, 2020

President/G.C. Del: Sheila Spencer
Vice President: Trina Hatten
Secretary/Treasurer: Vallory Alter
Bargaining Del.: Sheila Spencer
Steward: Steven Eudy
Steward: Orion Lumiere

Bureau of Labor & Industries – Sub-local 839

Published April 29, 2020 

President / General Council Delegate / Bargaining Delegate: Amanda Bartenstein
Vice-President / Bargaining Delegate: Adam Jeffries
Secretary: Jessica Smith
Treasurer: Angela Hastings-Korth

Department of Consumer and Business Services

Published April 29, 2020

President/G.C. Delegate: David Mohrman
Vice President #1: Jan Vitus
Vice President #2: Dianna Janowski
Vice President #3: Jessica Lowman
Vice President #4: David Bolton
Vice President #5: Tracy Thompson
Vice President #6: Tasha Fisher
Secretary: TBD
Treasurer: Laura Gardin

Steward #1: Anthony Estrada
Steward #2: Jan Vitus
Steward #3: Laura Gardin
Steward #4: Tasha Fisher
Steward #5: Dianna Janowski
Steward #6: Khadija Mostafa
Steward #7: Sky Wescott
Steward #8: Phil Jensen
Steward #9: David Bolton
Steward #10: Tracy Thompson
Steward #11: Jeff Wilson
Steward #12: Jeff Green
Steward #13: Rosa Estrada
Steward #14: Robert Williams
Steward #15: Michael Polk
Steward #16: Terry Riessen
Steward #17: Bruce Hammill
Steward #18: Lee Milholland
Steward #19: TBD
Steward #20: TBD

General Council Delegate: Dianna Janowski
General Council Delegate: Jessica Lowman
General Council Delegate: Tracy Thompson

Bargaining Delegate: David Mohrman
Bargaining Delegate: Diana Janowski
Bargaining Delegate: Tracy Thompson

Department of Education – Sub-local 581

Published April 17, 2020

President/G.C. Delegate: Matt Barber
Vice President/G.C. Delegate: Rosie Lopez
Vice President at Large: Travis Moore
Vice President at Large: Bernardo Tuma
Secretary: Shelli Durmas
Treasurer: Paula Pena
General Council Delegate: Paula Pena
Bargaining Delegate #1: Andrew Fowler
Bargaining Delegate #2: Travis Moore
Bargaining Delegate #3: Matt Barber

Employment Department – Sub-local 471

Recount Results Published May 19, 2020 (Original results April 17, 2020)
President: Kathleen Olson
Vice President: Austin Folnagy
Secretary: Heidi Johnstone
Treasurer: Leslie Vincent
Chief Steward: Adalia McDonald
Bargaining Delegate #1: Austin Folnagy
Bargaining Delegate #2: Kathleen Olson
Bargaining Delegate #3: Brian Thaden
Bargaining Delegate #4: Kristina (Kris) Blair
General Council – Brian Thaden
General Council – Adalia McDonald
General Council – Richard Erickson
General Council – Jackie Davidson
General Council – Kristina (Kris) Blair
General Council – Austin Folnagy
Section Officer – Tax: Vacant
Section Officer – East Region: Kristina Blair
Section Officer – Central Office: Ashley Talley
Section Officer – OAH: James Dreyer
Section Officer – UI Centers: Vacant
Section Officer – Coast Region: Gerardo (Jerry) Flores
Section Officer – South Region: Gary Durbin
Section Officer – North Region: Julie Bond

Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) – Sub-local 109

Published April 29, 2020 
President/G.C. Delegate/Bargaining Delegate: Michelle Jones
Vice President: Chris Rodriguez
Secretary/Treasurer: Jill Smith
Chief Steward: Micki Varney
General Council Delegate #1: Micki Varney
General Council Delegate #2: Steve Emerson
General Council Delegate #3: Jill Smith
General Council Delegate #4: Darlene Sprecher
Bargaining Delegate #1: Micki Varney
Bargaining Delegate #2: Jill Smith
Bargaining Delegate #3: Angela Ward
General Council Alternate: Chris Rodriguez
General Council Alternate: Karen Hans
Bargaining Delegate Alternate: Joshua Dowdy
Bargaining Delegate Alternate: Kacie S.G. Welch

Forestry – Sub-local 629

Published April 17, 2020

President: William Bennett
Vice President/G.C. Del/Barg Del: Peter Kasier
Sec./G.C. Del./Barg. Del.: Bob Millam
Treas./G.C. Del./Barg. Del.: Vacant
G.C. Alt (2): Vacant

Department of Geology and Mineral Industries – Sub-local 123

Published April 6, 2020

President/General Council Del: Christina Appleby
Vice President: Nicholas Tatalovich
Secretary-Treasurer: Reneea Lofton
G.C. Alternate: Nancy Calhoun
Bargaining Delegate: Jon Allan

Health Licensing Boards & Commissions – Sub-local 333

Published April 14, 2020 

President: Maria Parish
Vice President: Peggy Burns
Secretary/Treasurer: Molly Taube
Shop Steward Coord.: No votes
G.C. Delegate: Grant Aman
Bargaining Delegate: Grant Aman

Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) and Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) – Sub-local 575

Published April 17, 2020

President: Melissa Adams
Vice President: Vacant
Secretary/Treasurer: Lori Ellis
G.C. Alternate: Vacant
Bargaining Del: Vacant

Oregon State Hospital – Sub-local 392

Published April 29, 2020 

President – Kimberly Thoma
Salem Vice President – Katherine Hays
Junction City Vice President – Shawn Holiday
Secretary – Dan Smith
Treasurer – Randall Davis
Salem Member at Large – Chuck Porter
Junction City Member at Large – Lindie Nelson

For additional results, please click here.

Oregon Housing & Community Services (OHCS) – Sub-local 108

President/G.C. Delegate: Sarah Mentzer
Vice President/G.C. Alternate: No Votes
Secretary: Danielle Petron
Treasurer: Martin Jarvis
Bargaining Delegate: Sarah Mentzer

Department of Human Services and Oregon Health Authority – Sub-Locals 200-220 

Published April 17, 2020

President: Joshua May
Vice President: Sara Ashmore
Secretary: Laura Atkins
Treasurer: Hismelia Cardier

Click here for additional results regarding sub-local leaders in 201-220 and Local 200 General Council Delegates and Bargaining Delegates.

Department of Justice – Sub-local 137

Published April 22, 2020 
President – Kathleen Lamar
Vice President – Keary DeBeck
Secretary – Wendy Thorp
Treasurer – Alisha Goodwin
General Council Delegate: #1 Thomas Gale, #2 Benjamin Bradshaw, #3 Jeremy Piatt, #4 Wendy Thorp, #5 Sarah Wiley, #6 Vacant
Bargaining Delegate: Keary DeBeck, Kathleen Lamar, Craig Downer, Sarah Wiley
Alternate Bargaining Delegates
#1 Cheryl Gibson
#2 Chris Halsey
DCS Labor Mgmt #2 – Kathleen Lamar
DCS Labor Mgmt# 4 – Violet Hendricks
Regional Rep Salem – Mackenzie Gray
Regional Rep Eastern Oregon – Vacant
Regional Rep Portland – Thomas Gale
Regional Rep Southern Oregon – Vacant
Regional Rep Eugene/Springfield – Christy Slaven

Oregon State Library – Sub-local 543

Published April 6, 2020

President/G.C. Del: Greta Berguist
Secretary/Treas/GC Alternate: Katherine Anderson
Steward: Joshua Ross Fuqua
Steward: Maximilian Waddell
Steward: Natalie Brandt

Department of Motor Vehicles – Sub-Local 735

Updated April 8, 2020

President: Colleen Jeffery
Vice President: Katherine Gile
Secretary/Treasurer: Gail Boatman
HQ Chief Steward: Mark Schiller
FSG Chief Steward: David Spinn
Region Chief Steward HQ PSG: Katherine Gile
Regional Chief Steward HQ CSG: Dianna Honeycutt
General Council Delegate (5): Dianna Honeycutt, Peggy Howard, Gail Boatman, Katherine Gile, Mark Schiller
Regional Chief Steward: Mark Schiller
RCS Central: Aaron Arntson
RCS East: Shannon McGaughey
RCS Mt Hood: Ron Maes
RCS NW: Johanna Braziel
RCS South: Patrick Arthur
RCS Sunset: David Spinn
Barg Del: Dianna Honeycutt, Katherine Gile, Peggy Howard, Ron Maes

Oregon Youth Authority – Sub-Local 415

Published April 17, 2020

President – Doug Dryden
Vice President – Janet Ferris
Secretary/Treasurer – Deb Shook
Co-Chief Steward #1 – Derrick Ingram
Co-Chief Steward #2 – Debra Mitzel

Regional Representative (Eastern) – TBD
Regional Representative (Western Valley) – Susan Anderson
Regional Representative (North Valley) – TBD
Regional Representative (Central Valley) – Vacant

General Council Delegate #1 – Deb Shook
General Council Delegate #2 – Debra Mitzel
General Council Delegate #3 – Susan Anderson
General Council Delegate #4 – Janet Ferris

Bargaining Delegate #1 – Doug Dryden
Bargaining Delegate #2 – Ben Moul
Bargaining Delegate #3 – Deb Shook
Bargaining Delegate # 4 – Susan Anderson

Department of Parks and Recreation – Sub-local 733

Published April 22, 2020 

President/G.C. Delegate/Barg Delegate: Mark Shaw
Vice President/G.C. Delegate/Barg Delegate: Dan Icklan
Secretary/G.C. Delegate: Sarah Heinsohn
Treasurer/G.C. Delegate: Peggy Rinck
G.C. Delegate: Travis Tastove
Bargaining Delegate: Sarah Heinsohn

Pendleton Cottage – Sub-local 393

Published May 13, 2020

President: David Oles
Vice President: Rene Lopez
Secretary/Treasurer: Amanda Emery
G.C. Alternate: Rene Lopez
Bargaining Del #1: Bill Zyph
Bargaining Del #2: Rene Lopez

PERS – Sub-local 459

Published April 29, 2020 

President / General Council Delegate: Peter Nielsen
Vice-President: Christa Harrison
Secretary: Margaret Murphy
Treasurer: Kim Johnson
Chief Steward: Mary Lang
Steward: Cheryl Prentice
Steward: Dee Monday
Steward: Vacant
Executive Committee At-Large: Catherine Egan
Executive Committee At-Large:  Latifa Salih
Executive Committee At-Large:  Melissa Tominaga
Executive Committee At-Large:  Brian Kirschner
Executive Committee At-Large:  Vacant
Executive Committee At-Large:   Vacant
General Council Delegate: Latifa Salih
Bargaining Delegate: Susan Mundell
Bargaining Delegate: Peter Nielsen
Bargaining Delegate: Vacant

Department of Revenue – Sub-local 150

Published March 20, 2020 
President: Tami Combs
Vice President: Lynnette Cromer (Jacobs)
Secretary: Nicholas Bassis
Treasurer: Bruce Davis
Local Council Representative, Field Offices: Judy Robertson
Local Council Representative, Property Tax Division: Colton Gruber
Local Council Representative, Admin Svs Division: Andrea Heywood
Local Council Representative, Business Division: Thorsten Geissler
Local Council Representative, Personal Tax  & Comp Division: Antonio Arechigo
General Council Delegate: Tami Combs
General Council Delegate: Nicholas Bassis
General Council Delegate: Lynnette Cromer (Jacobs)
General Council Delegate: Antonio Arechigo
General Council Alternate: Thorsten Geissler
General Council Alternate: Micheline Mosher
Bargaining Delegate: Tami Combs
Bargaining Delegate: Nicholas Bassis
Bargaining Delegate:  Lynnette Cromer (Jacobs)
Bargaining Delegate:  Mary Stewart

Teacher Standards and Practices Commission – Sub-local 584

Published April 14, 2020 

President: Cristina Edgar
Vice President: James Hathaway
Secretary/Treasurer: Jeff VanLaanen
Shop Steward: Maria Odle
G.C. Del: No votes
Barg Alt: No votes

Department of Transportation (ODOT) – Sub-local 730

Published April 29, 2020 

President: Mike Scott
Vice President: John Breuer
Secretary: Shirley Wait
Treasurer: Malcolm Scott
Statewide Chief Steward: Leland Erickson
G.C. Delegate: Travis Sturgeon
G.C. Delegate: Timothy Carey
G.C. Delegate: Ron Abraham
G.C. Delegate: Mark Tibbetts
G.C. Delegate: Phil Smith
Bargaining Delegate: Malcolm Scott
Bargaining Delegate: Travis Sturgeon
Bargaining Delegate: Timothy Carey
Bargaining Delegate: Zion Jacobson

Treasury Department – Sub-local 170

Published April 14, 2020 

President: Kip Yarnell
Vice President: No votes
Secretary/Treasurer: Anthony Hutchinson
Steward: No votes
G.C. Delegate: No votes
Bargaining Delegate: No votes

Water Resources – Sub-local 690

Published April 17, 2020

President: Ronald Kohenek
Vice Presiden: Phil Marcy
Secretary: Arla Davis
Treasurer: Richard Maruin
Newsletter Editor: Chloe Elliot
Local Organizer: Kerri Cope
Steward: Corey Courchane, Kerri Cope, Jeffery Pierceall, Chloe Elliot
Bargaining Delegate: Linda Walker and Jeffery Pierceall


Higher Education

Eastern Oregon University – Sub-local 81

Published April 6, 2020

President (GC Delegate): Jo Hickerson
Vice President: Darryl Nobles
Secretary/Treasurer: Barbara Kraft
Barg Del/Barb Unit Rep Comm Chair: Jo Hickerson
Alt Barg Del/Alt Barg Unit Comm Chair: Janet Frye
Steward: Gerradette Silveira
Steward: Janet Frye
Steward: Jo Hickerson
Steward: Martha Heather

Oregon State University – Sub-local 83

Published March 16, 2020

President: Mark Dunbar
Vice President: Noah Robinson-McKay
Secretary: Jessica King
Treasury: Roxy Tacy
Chief Steward: Brady Esch
Membership Coordinator: Brady Esch
General Council Delegate: Andrew Struthers
General Council Delegate: Anne Gross
General Council Delegate: Benjamin Merrell
General Council Delegate: Bryan Feyerherm
General Council Delegate: Gloria O’Brien
General Council Delegate: Jessica King
General Council Delegate: Patrick Breshears
Bargaining Delegate: Gloria O’Brien
Bargaining Delegate: Mark Dunbar
Bargaining Delegate: Robert Keuneke

Oregon Institute of Technology – Sub-local 90

Published April 17, 2020

President/G.C. Del: Darryn Stevens
Vice President: Michael Daenzer
Secretary/Treasurer: Kay Parrish
Steward: Sonja Holcomb
Steward: Brian Fisher
Steward: Tyler Conley
G.C. Council Alt.: Michael Daenzer
Bargaining Del.: Nilda Pena – (position vacated)
Bargaining Del.: Darryn Stevens

Portland State University – Sub-local 89

Published May 13, 2020

President/G.C. Delegate: Thuy Huyen
Vice President/G.C. Delegate: Shayne Stone
Secretary: Danny Ryel
Treasurer: Aislyn Matias
Table Delegate: Greg Baty
Bargaining Delegate #1: Ashley Wase
Bargaining Delegate #2: Danny Ryel
Bargaining Delegate #3: Greg Baty
General Council Delegate #1: Alejandro Segura
General Council Delegate #2: Rhett Sullivan
General Council Delegate #3: Michael Jantzen
General Council Delegate #4: Greg Baty

Southern Oregon University – Sub-local 84

Published April 17, 2020

President: David Raco
Vice President: Bob Sexton
Secretary: Sophie Beck
Treasurer: Karrie Nightingale
G.C. Del: Colleen Martin-Low
G.C. Del: Chris Corcoran
Chief Barg Del: Wendy Russell
Alternate Barg Del: Colleen Martin-Low

University of Oregon – Sub-local 85

Published May 19, 2020

President: Stephanie Prentiss
Vice President: Michael Omogrosso
Secretary: Katie Murray
Treasurer: Sam Galli
Chief Steward: Gary Malone
Chief Contact: Lisa Roberts
Chief Bargaining Delegate: Johnny Earl
Chief General Council Delegate: Louie Vidmar
Membership Organizer: Beth Robinson
Newsletter Editor: Leigh Roberts

Union Steward (19 positions)
Mike Barr
Toni Campbell
Lauradel Collins
Johnny Earl
Cims Gillespie
Liz Hahn
Jerimiah Igou
Theodora Ko Thompson
Kristy Larson
Mohamed Mounir
Michael Omogrosso
Daniel Pennisi
Lisa Roberts
Beth Robinson
Nick Sloss
Jennifer Smith
Chuck Theobald
Louie Vidmar
Terri Winn

Bargaining Delegate (3)
Michael Omogrosso
Lisa Roberts
Louie Vidmar

General Council Delegates (11)
Lauradel Collins
Sam Galli
Cims Gillespie
Liz Hahn
Cory Hime
Katie Murray
Stephanie Prentiss
Leigh Roberts
Lisa Roberts
Beth Robinson
DJ Wyrick

Alternate General Council Delegates: Jason Stone; Mike Kasahun; Toni Campbell; Daniel Pennisi; Theodora Ko Thompson; Michael Omogrosso; Gary Malone

Strike/Hardship Committee: Johnny Earl; Mohamed Mounir; Stephanie Prentiss; Lisa Roberts; Theodora Ko Thompson; Louie Vidmar; Terri Winn; DJ Wyrick

Western Oregon University – Sub-local 82

Published March 12, 2020

President: Jackson Stalley
Vice President: Brian Palmer
Secretary: Sharyne Ryals

General Council Delegate: Teresa Pearson
Alt General Council Delegate: Dominic Annen
Bargaining Delegate: Richard Kavanagh
Alt Bargaining Delegate: Richard Chartier
Steward: Jacob Whisenhunt
Steward: Jackson Stalley
Steward: Jennifer Willard
Steward: Lucia Carrillo
Steward: Mike Hansen
Steward: Richard Kavanagh

Care Providers

Addus – Sub-local 98

Published May 5, 2020

President/GC Delegate: Irene Hunt
Vice President- Eugene: Stacy Heath
Vice President- Medford: Tamara Tyrpak
Vice President- Ontario: Vacant
Vice President- Salem: Desiree Obadencio
Secretary/Treasurer: Charlie Rojas
GC Delegate: Lorna Burnell
GC Delegate: Stacy Heath
Steward: Irene Hunt
Steward: Lorna Burnell
Steward: Elsa Quezada
Steward: Stacy Heath
Steward: Charlie Rojas

Adult Foster Homes – Sub-local 858

Published May 13, 2020

President (GC Del/Barg Del): John Grimm
Vice President (GC Del/Barg Del): Leah Silaev
Recording Secretary (GC Alternate/Barg Del): Vacant
Financial Treasurer (GC Alternate/Barg Del): Michael McPhee
Chief Steward (GC Alt/Barg Del): Sarah Ray
APD Barg Del: Jolynn Best
AMH Barg Del: Andrew Thomas
DD Barg Del: Charlotte Kreftmeyer

AFH District Officers
District 1: No votes
District 2: No votes
District 3: No votes
District 4 Director: Charlotte Kreftmeyer
District 4 Asst. Director: Vacant
District 4 Barg Del: Devona Shepard
District 5 Director: Cobus Best
District 5 Asst. Director: No votes
District 5 Barg Del: Jolynn Best
District 6 Director: No votes
District 6 Asst. Director: No votes
District 6 Barg Del: Vacant
District 7 Director: Vacant
District 7 Asst. Director: Sarah Ray
District 7 Barg Del: Vacant
District 8 Director: Thomas Johnson
District 8 Asst. Director: Vacant
District 8 Barg Del: Kim Steward
District 9 Director: Vacant
District 9 Asst Director: Anthonette Guy
District 9 Barg Del: Clay Stubblefield

Child Care – Sub-local 96

Published May 13, 2020

President (GC Delegate): Natalie Jackson
Vice President (GC Delegate):
Secretary Treasure (GC Delegate): Vacant
Statewide Regional Outreach Coord: No votes
Region 1- Regional Outreach Coord: No votes
Region 2- Regional Outreach Coord: No votes
Region 3- Regional Outreach Coord: No votes
Region 4- Regional Outreach Coord: Vacant
Region 5- Regional Outreach Coord: No votes
Region 6- Regional Outreach Coord: Vacant
Region 7- Regional Outreach Coord: No votes

Homecare – Sub-Local 99

Published April 12, 2020

Statewide Offices

President: Rebecca Sandoval
Vice President: Joy’e Willman
Secretary-Treasurer: Holly Garland
Personal Support Chief Steward: Patty Falkenstein
Homecare Chief Steward: Nannette D. Carter-Jafri

Click here for additional results regarding Homecare Council Directors, Bargaining Team, Bargaining Delegates, and General Council Delegates.

Nursing Homes – Sub-local 97

Published April 14, 2020. Updated April 29, 2020. 

Secretary Treasurer  | Barbara Dunnick
Chief Steward | Kerry Fuhrmeister
Avalon Chain Rep | Brittney Nottingham
Avalon Chain Rep | Michele Enyart
Avamere-ALF Chain Rep | Derek Grimes
Avamere-ALF Chain Rep | Rebecca Hernandez
Avamere-SNF Chain Rep | Jorge Flores
Avamere-SNF Chain Rep | Patricia Hood
Cornerstone Meadow Park Chain Rep | Jessica Dupuis/Elizabeth Lesueur (Tie)
Dakavia Chain Rep | Lori Bywater
EmpRes Chain Rep | Young Henderson
EmpRes Chain Rep | Debra Halbrook/Donna Ferguson (Tie)
HCSG Chain Rep | Open
HCSG Chain Rep | Open
Prestige Chain Rep | Jeff Singer
Prestige Chain Rep | Ron Strie
At Large GC Delegate | Sally Baudoin
At Large GC Delegate | Christina Coghill
At Large GC Delegate | Elizabeth Lesueur
At Large GC Delegate | Jessica Gressens
At Large GC Delegate | Brooke Bills
At Large GC Delegate | Daniel Mackin
At Large GC Delegate | Dixie Zavala
At Large GC Delegate | Jessica DuPuis
At Large GC Delegate | Pat Smith
At Large GC Delegate | Michelle Dawson
At Large GC Delegate | Rachel Garrett

Local Governments

Baker County – Sub-local 596

Published April 14, 2020 

President: Eva Henes
Vice President: Troy Lepley
Secretary/Treasurer: Tara Micka
Steward: Eva Henes
Steward: Rod Williams
Steward: Tara Micka
Steward: Jerry Gaub

Basin Transit Services – Sub-local 777

Published April 17, 2020

President/G.C. Delegate/Barg. Del.: Boyer Lievsay
Vice President: Bart Worrell
Secretary: Nicole Anderson
Treasurer: Thomas Wyland
General Council Alternate: Laurie Grace Finch

City of Beaverton – Sub-local 198

Published April 17, 2020

President/Bargaining Delegate: Adam Korst
Vice President: Megan Cohen
Secretary: Wilson Munoz-Lorenzana
Treasurer: Joe Daunt
General Council Delegate #1: Kate Taylor
General Council Delegate #2: Lawrence Ambrister

City of Cannon Beach – Sub-local 921

Published April 14, 2020 

President: Nissa McCarthy
Vice President: Darryl Walker
Secretary/Treasurer: Jennifer Barrett
G.C. Del: Michael Brown

Central Oregon Irrigation District – Sub-Local 592

Published February 28, 2020 

President: Jim England
VP: John Hargrove
Sec/Treasurer: Bob Schinkel
Steward – Patrolman – Head Gate Tender: Ryan Badley
GC Delegate: John Hargrove

Coos Bay North Bend Water Board – Sub-local 697

President: Doyle Fish
Vice President: Jason Mills
Secretary/Treasurer: Wanda Pickett

Curry County Employees Association – Sub-local 985

Published April 14, 2020 

President/G.C. Del.: Anthony Pagano
Vice President: Kiley Wegner
Secretary/Treasurer: Cena Crook
G.C. Alternate: Christine Neil

The Dalles City Employees Association – Sub-local 910

Published May 13, 2020

President: Bruce Borders
Vice President: Nathan Pope
Secretary/Treasurer: Saul Ascencio
G.C. Delegate: Charles Patterson

Jackson County Employees Association – Sub-local 497

Published April 29, 2020 

President/General Council Delegate: Melody Voskanian
Vice President/G.C. Alternate: Amber Freitas
Secretary: Jennifer Watkins
Treasurer: Bonnie Simpson
General Council Delegate #1: Angela Cruthirds
General Council Delegate #2: TBD
Bargaining Delegate #1: Glenda Crenshaw
Bargaining Delegate #2: Nicholas Lancaster
Bargaining Delegate #3: Amber Freitas
Bargaining Delegate #4: Angela Cruthirds
Bargaining Delegate #5: Daniel Ortiz
Bargaining Delegate #6: Thom Kneeland

Josephine County Public Works – Sub-local 496

Published April 29, 2020

President: David Astry
Vice President: Jeremy Miles
Secretary/Treasurer: Wayne Gann

Lane Council of Governments (LCOG) – Sub-local 908

Published May 5, 2020 

President: Wendy Maurer
Vice President: Mikelle Duke
Secretary/Treasurer: Vacant
Membership Organizer: Geoff Clark
Steward: Brenda Lattion
Steward: Sarah Johnnes
Steward: Leslie Mathewson
Steward: Sarah Levine
Steward: Stefanie Jackson
General Council Delegate: No votes

Linn County – Sub-Local 390

Published March 1, 2020 

President: Lisa Walker
Vice President: Nathan Tisdale
Secretary/Treasurer: Charles Luck
Chief Steward: Lisa Walker
Board Member: Holly Borba
Board Member: Acacia Schubert
General Council Delegate: Thomas Hussong-Christian

Marion County Employees Association – Sub-local 294

Published April 29, 2020 

President/Barg Del: Trish Straw
Vice President/Barg Del: Walter Wick
Secretary/Barg Del: April Hawk-Vera
Treasurer/Barg Del: Diana Downs
Chief Steward/Barg Del: Kristina Ballow
General Council Del (7): Diana Downs, Trish Straw, Karen Hilfiker, Walter Wick, Kristina Ballow, Michelle Roberts, Eleni Speropalos
Member-At-Large (4): Karen Hilfiker, Albert Becerra, Eden Farias-Quintrell, Walter Fenn

Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments – Sub-local 937

Published April 8, 2020 

President: Sandra Easdale
Vice President: Ashley Bogue
Secretary: Erica Lee Patten
Treasurer: Jennifer Stanton
Chief Steward: Crystal S. Mohamed
General Council Delegate: Crystal S. Mohamed

City Of Pendleton – Sub-local 938

Published April 14, 2020 

President: Heaven Doherty
Vice President: Mark Holmquist
Secretary/Treasurer: Melissa Porter
G.C. Alternate: Tony Gailey
Steward: Julie Chase
Steward: Mike Walborn
Steward: Scott Roe
Steward: Jake Doherty
Bargaining Delegate: Kyle Willman
Bargaining Delegate: Scott Roe

Portland Public Schools – Sub-local 140

Published April 6, 2020

Nutrition Services Co-Chair: Amy Silvia
Nutrition Services Representative-at-Large: Roberta Packer
Custodian Co-Chair: Jason McLeod
Custodian Representative-at-Large: Greg Meyers
Secretary-Treasurer: Bob Rosingana
General Council Delegate: Chanh Nguyen
General Council Delegate: Greg Meyers

City of Springfield – Sub-local 995

Published April 29, 2020

President/G.C. Del.; Andrew Limbird
Vice President/G.C. Alt: Charlie Kent
Secretary Treasurer: Brenda Jones
Chief Steward: Erin Selvey
Steward (9): Brenda Jones, Cara Von Wrangel Kinsey, Charlie Kent, Erin Selvey, Melissa Carino, Roy Warner, Shannon Morris, Steven Petersen, Taylor Worley

City of Tigard – Sub-local 199

Published April 22, 2020 

President: Jill Bentley
Vice President: John Sager
Secretary/Treasurer: Cally Meldrum
General Council Delegate: Ken Ross

Wallowa County Roads – Sub-local 923

Published May 13, 2020

President/G.C. Delegate: Kelly Gomes
Vice President: Zack Grover
Secretary/Treasurer: Kari Carper

City of Wilsonville – Sub-local 926

Published April 14, 2020 

President: Jeanette Patton
Vice President: Randolph Eshleman
Secretary: Kimberly Deibert
Treasurer: Vincente Espinoza
Membership Organizer: Michael Ortega
Political Coordinator: Randolph Eshleman
Chief Steward: Michael Ortega
G.C. Delegate: Vince Espinoza


Private Non-Profits

Alvord Taylor – Sub-local 999

Published May 19, 2020

President: Cheryl Cullmer
Vice President: Vacant
Secretary/Treasurer: Vacant
G.C. Delegate: Lori Mamer
Chief Steward: Phillippe Howe

Cascade Aids Project

Published May 19, 2020

President: Colin Sanders
Secretary/Treasurer: Jay Housgard

Executive Committee:
Ujuonu Nwizu
Jordan Portlock
Mae Lucey
Tara Casey

Isaac Holterman
Emilie Friedman
Pete Hybertsen
Colin Sanders
Jay Housgard
Dakota Lake

The Child Center – Sub-local 904

Published April 14, 2020 

President: Serina Collins
Vice President: Jami Cartwright
Secretary/Treasurer: Sarah Chambers
Chief Steward: Tami Clayton
Steward: Maggie Bielefeldt
Steward: Jami Cartwright
G.C. Delegate: Serina Collins

Education NW – Sub-local 905

Published April 14, 2020 

President: Jason Motamedi
Vice President: Elijah Moreno
Secretary/Treasurer: Jeffrey Jones
Membership Officer: Mark David Workman
G.C. Delegate: No votes
Quality Workforce Advisory Comm. Member: Margaret Gunn
Quality Workforce Advisory Comm. Member: Kathryn Torres
Steward: Ashlie Denton
Steward: Jacob Williams
Steward: Rebecca Moyer
Steward: Sara Taylor

Oregon Public Broadcasting – Sub-local 570

Published April 17, 2020

President: Ikesha Owens
Vice President: Catherine Switzer
Secretary/Treasurer: Lisa Kallem
General Council Delegate: Jon Kenneke

Oregon Supported Living Program – Sub-local 902

Published April 14, 2020 

President: Shaun Notdurft
Vice President: Matthew Spencer
Secretary/Treasurer: Stephanie Schroeder
Membership Coord.: Josiah Tooley
G.C. Del: Bruce Kneely

Parry Center for Children – Sub-local 987

Published April 17, 2020

President: Taylor Bacon
Vice President: Rae Farmer
Secretary: Courtney Nyman
Treasurer: Madeleine Zusman
Steward: Samuel Schnake
Steward: Rachel Ireland
Steward: Daniel Mazuz

Retiree – Sub-local 001

Published April 22, 2020 
President/G.C. Board Del.: Barbara Casey
Vice President/G.C. Board Del.: Karla Marks
Secretary/Treasurer/G.C. Sublocal Del.: Rosalie Pedroza
G.C. Delegate: James Jacobson
G.C. Delegate: Ann Montague
G.C. Delegate: Rosanne Richards
1st Alternate:  Twila Jacobsen
2nd Alternate: Donna Stevenson
3rd Alternate: Maryann Terpstra

If you have questions regarding internal union elections please contact your organizer directly or call the Member Assistance Center at 1-844-503-SEIU (7348)