Published: May 23, 2024

The Oregon 2024 primary election was filled with big wins for SEIU members. Races for statewide offices were all won by candidates endorsed by our members. Tobias Read, Dan Rayfield, and Elizabeth Steiner all won their Democratic primaries and advanced to November’s general election. These victories have major implications for our members and are key to advancing worker rights, worker protections, healthcare, and social, racial, and economic justice.  

Tuesday’s wins wouldn’t have been possible without SEIU members volunteering their time to talk to voters. This election alone, we knocked on nearly 16,000 doors and made more than 65,000 phone calls for candidates endorsed by our members. We all know that money matters in U.S. elections. Thousands of SEIU 503 members giving $8 or $10 a month to CAPE, our political action committee, adds up and it’s our only way to compete with corporations and wealthy people trying to buy our elections. Our members spent their voluntary contributions wisely to help elect these pro-worker champions. That’s union power! If you don’t contribute to CAPE, you can sign up here and help build power for November’s general election 

While this was the primary election and we will have a lot of work to do in November for the general election, it’s important to recognize the hard work of our members and celebrate these key victories. Here is a list of how candidates endorsed by our members fared in the election. ✅ means they won or advanced to a runoff, and ❌ means they did not.  

Dan Rayfield – Attorney General ✅ 

Tobias Read – Secretary of State (dual endorsement) ✅ 

James Manning – Secretary of State (dual endorsement) ❌ 

Elizabeth Steiner – Treasurer ✅ 

Anthony Broadman – Senate District 27 ✅ 

John Lively – House District 7 ✅ 

Lisa Fragala – House District 8 (dual endorsement) ✅ 

Doyle Canning – House District 8 (dual endorsement) ❌ 

Charlie Conrad – House District 12 ❌ 

Sarah McDonald – House District 16 (dual endorsement) *race still too close to call 

Sami Al-Adrabbuh – House District 16 (dual endorsement) *race still too close to call

Brian Duty – House District 33 ❌ 

Farrah Chaichi – House District 35 ✅ 

Jules Walters – House District 37 ✅ 

Travis Nelson – House District 44 ✅ 

Hoa Nguyen – House District 48 ✅ 

Greg Smith – House District 57 ✅ 

Nadia Hasan – Beaverton City Council ✅ 

Meghan Moyer – Multnomah County Commission ✅ 

Shannon Singleton – Multnomah County Commission ✅