Published: April 7, 2021

The shooting event in Atlanta created a chain of reactions from Asian communities and governments to support Asian American communities. The SEIU Local 503 Asian Desi Pacific Islander Caucus would like to provide a space for people who wants to learn how to support Asian American communities and understand the histories of Asian Americans that happened here in the United States as well as understand what steps to take when you witness something that happened around you. As people who are represented by the union, we understand the importance of solidarity. And we want to ask you to lend your hands to our siblings who are suffering now. Your support will bring solidarity to our community. In return, we will all be stronger together.

Register Here

A recommended resource to watch before the session: We need to talk about Anti-Asian Hate. You can use Youtube’s auto-translate caption function to watch this video or share it with others.

Register by 4/11/21 at noon. Accessibility services are available for this event for attendees who register by the deadline.

All participants must agree to follow the SEIU Local 503 Code of Conduct

You may view statements from SEIU 503 leaders on the Atlanta hate crime here.