Published: July 9, 2020

After a thorough, member-driven process, SEIU today endorsed Joe Biden for President in 2020. Today’s endorsement is the result of a process that centered on SEIU’s Unions For All Agenda and SEIU 2020 portal to compile information on candidates for President. SEIU also hosted a Unions For All Summit last October for candidates seeking our Union’s endorsement.  

Joe Biden’s economic plan centers workers (including care providers!), expands workers’ rights to organize, holds corporations accountable, and addresses racial disparities. Vice President Biden supports expanding healthcare access to every American, raising the minimum wage to $15, and moving forward with a Green New Deal.

There’s much at stake for our members and working families across the country. We have an opportunity to elect a President who will appoint Supreme Court Justices that recognize workers’ rights to organize, and implement executive orders, rules, and policies that support workers, hold corporations accountable, and recognize the dignity of every American – Black, white, and brown. 

SEIU’s national Executive Committee makes our Union’s endorsement decisions for federal offices and locals like SEIU 503 inform and support SEIU’s endorsements. Over the coming months, we will provide ways to help make Joe Biden our next President and provide the relief and leadership working families across the country desperately need.