Published: February 4, 2022

Hello, my name is Carol Littleton-Kelly. I am the newly elected President of SEIU 503’s African American (AFRAM) Caucus, Sub-Local 99. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I enjoy helping others as a homecare worker (HCW), personal support worker (PSW), and community public engagement advocate.   

As you know, February is the federally designated month for acknowledging and celebrating Black African American history known as our BHM. During this time, we recognize Black people’s achievements and their contributions, including life and death sacrifices, struggles, and successes fought on behalf of Black and White America.   

It is crucial to understand Oregon’s Black history given its anti-Black historical laws which were restricting the freedom of Black people throughout its cities and state. Therefore, it is vital to know and understand how Black Americans paved the way for you and me in the past, the current, and on into the future.   

For this reason, BHM is important to me! It allows us to showcase the innovative ways that our ancestors helped to develop our communities into today’s flourishing wealth. We can be proud and continue to build into a greater and stronger, cultural society, and in Unity. 

As President, I commit to seeing 2022 the year that more individuals come together, work with one another, and grow together as a Unified community of diverse people. SEIU 503 is 72,000 workers strong here at home and 2 million across the nation. 

Thank you for your understanding, your contributions, and for your many, many commitments toward our BHM this year!                                                 

Thank you!

Carol Littleton-Kelly/ President
SEIU503 African American Caucus- AFRAM