Published: November 2, 2022

Hello, my name is Carol Kelly, and I am a Homecare and Personal support worker in Portland. I have been an SEIU member for over 8 years. I am writing because it is vital that we all get involved to help pro-worker candidates get elected on November 8th. Tina Kotek is our prime source of ensuring that this happens.  

Every vote matters. And we must, until the last moment, continue to canvass and reach as many voters as possible to gain their votes to ensure a great win for working families like ours! Election Day is Tuesday. Can everyone please sign up for at least 1 canvass shift before then? 

I have been canvassing in many neighborhoods and communities; attending political kickoffs, engagements, and events; and even texting. The rewards have been incredible. After 2+ rough years, it’s reassuring to talk with plenty of other Oregon voters who feel the same as me. I have met many individuals whose family histories go back a long way in doing the same work and they have won campaigns just by doing what we are doing now. So, Join in the Fight! Help make Tina Kotek our next governor! Canvass, canvass, canvass, WIN!!! 

You can sign up to volunteer with me here and see who our member-led endorsement process selected for races up and down the ballot here.  


Carol serves on the SEIU 503 Board of Directors and is AFRAM Caucus President.