Published: October 9, 2019

The Tentative Agreement has finally been reached between the 4,500 classified staff of Oregon’s seven state universities and management! We won cost of living adjustments, protected healthcare costs, and increased inclement weather leave, all while pushing back on every one of the major cuts that the administration wanted to make.

Raises and other parts of the new agreement will only go into effect after the contract is ratified by members.. The bargaining team strongly urges a “yes” vote to ratify the contract.

  • E-ballots went out on Friday, October 3rd, by email, and many members will also be receiving a text message with their ballots this week. E-voting will close on October 14th at 5:00pm. Check both your work and personal email address, and search the subject line “Contract ratification opens today!”
  • For those who did not receive an e-ballot, or did not get a chance to vote by e-ballot, paper ballots will be going out on October 16th. These ballots must be returned by October 30th. 
  • Informational meetings will be held on each campus to review the tentative agreement and get your questions answered. Contact your organizer to find out when the meeting is on your campus.
  • If you need a replacement ballot, click here to fill out a form to get one.
  • All ballots will be counted on October 31st and the results will be announced the following day.

Only members are allowed to vote, if you are not yet a member you will need to sign up in order to cast your ballot. Non-members will receive a ballot and a membership application, along with instructions on how to return both.

You can easily sign up to be a member right here!

If you did not receive an e-ballot, and would like to vote electronically, please contact your organizer.  If you don’t vote electronically you should receive a ballot by October 19th. Please contact your organizer to request a replacement ballot, if needed.

Click here to read the full Tentative Agreement summary!