Published: August 16, 2018

After months of negotiations with County Representatives, SEIU 503 members at Curry County have unanimously ratified a new contract with County Commissioners!

As the lowest paid county worker in Oregon, employees of Curry County have been struggling to make ends meet, with many of them picking up second jobs just to keep food on the table. Nine years of pay freezes plus inflation had left Curry County wages more than 13 percent behind where they were in 2008.

County workers simply could not afford to fall further behind, and in mid-July, voted overwhelmingly to strike.With members preparing for a strike, the County came back to the table to make things right and settle a fair contract with Curry County workers.

General Council delegates showing support for Curry County workers.

“Though we made some concessions at the bargaining table, we were happy to negotiate to a place that works best for both us and the County. We believe this is a fair agreement that moves the County forward and puts us in a good place to enter into negotiations with the County next year,” said Curry County Appraiser and Union President Anthony Pagano.

Curry County employees ratified their new contract on August 20. Highlights include:

  • 2.13 percent cost-of-living increase as of July 1, 2018.
  • $100 a month increase in employer contributions to healthcare plans.

This tentative agreement moves the County forward with dignity and respect — and was only possible through the unshakeable unity of SEIU 503 members in Curry County.