Published: May 15, 2020

Congress is considering another COVID-19 relief package, which includes almost $1 Trillion for state and local governments. Passing this package is critically important. We know that cuts in the public sector made the last recession worse, and the consequences of inaction today are significant.

Public services are vitally important to communities across Oregon, particularly for low-wage earners, women, people of color, and immigrants – the groups hit hardest by COVID-19. Whether it’s unemployment insurance, food assistance, zoom meetings with a teacher or the information from county epidemiologists, the importance of public services has never been more obvious. Cutting these programs at a time when the need is so great would be catastrophic.

Take action! Call your member of Congress today.


Megan Wise, DHS Self Sufficiency

“I work for Oregon’s Self Sufficiency Program where we have seen an unprecedented spike in applications since the coronavirus hit. With businesses closed and hundreds of thousands of Oregonians losing their jobs, people across Oregon are turning to us for help. It’s heartbreaking. So many people in our community are living right on the edge – one missed paycheck and they’re struggling to eat.

“Without federal aid, states will have to start cutting or enact massive tax increases. Even services such as public safety, education and healthcare could be at risk. Imagine what would happen to the hundreds of thousands of people in Oregon who are out of work right now and depending on our safety net. Cuts will add more people to the ranks of the unemployed and make it harder for Oregon to recover.

“It’s past time for Congress and the President to do their part.”