Published: May 19, 2019

On May 20th, SEIU 503 members are coming together in Salem to send a message to legislators and management: It’s time to invest in public services and the people who provide them. That means bargaining a strong contract with us and expanding the hundreds of vital programs that SEIU 503 members provide. 

There are a number of ways you can support care providers in addition to joining us at our rally in Salem!

The most effective thing to do is to write your legislators and Governor Brown and ask them to stand with us. We’ve set up an action page to make that process quick and easy. Click here to take action now! 

  • Share links about the rally from the SEIU 503 Facebook page on your personal Facebook.
  • Sign up for Facebook Town Hall (info provided in the link). This is an excellent tool to easily contact your legislators and keep up with their posts. Here you can send them a message encouraging them to support revenue for public services.
  • Use the United For A Better Oregon “Facebook Frame” on your profile picture to create a “sea of purple” online. 
  • Participate in a “comment storm” on your legislator’s Facebook and Twitter pages by commenting on their recent posts asking them to support revenue and critical funding for in home care hours.