Published: January 4, 2022


We won pay increases in our new contract, so that means that eligible workers received a pay increase effective January 2022.

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In every contract, our union fights to raise our wages because we believe that care jobs should be good jobs. This contract will bring the base pay rate up to $17.77 per hour, a 12.7% pay raise.

  • 5.7% raise on January 2022 (brings base pay up to 16.67 per hour)
  • 6.7% raise on January 2023 (brings base pay up to 17.77 per hour)

In addition, we won an agreement to begin an automatic pay increase system (called a step system), starting in 2023. This will be a transformative change that recognizes workers for their experience and allows us to make a career out of this work. It will also improve worker retention, which means there will be more experienced care providers available to help consumers in need.

Addressing Late Pay 

Nothing is more disrespectful than not getting paid on time. Starting now, the State will process payroll the same day it is entered into the mainframe by Local Office staff. This means if there is an error and you miss a paycheck, the State can start correcting the error by the next day so you will not have to wait until your next payday to get paid. This change, in combination with system improvements and the penalty for late pay we won in our last contract, should go a long way toward addressing this serious problem.

If you have received a late pay check, or have questions about your pay increase, please contact the SEIU Local 503 Member Assistance Center at (844) 503-7348.