Published: June 11, 2021

We are less than two months away from the New E-Voucher (PTC) System Pilot!

Homecare workers will soon be getting new electronic voucher system to replace paper vouchers. The new program will be piloting soon. The Paid Time Capture (PTC) pilot group includes the following Local Offices, and the Consumers and Homecare Workers they serve:

  • Warrenton – Branch 0411
  • Bend – Branches 0911 and 0912
  • La Pine – Branch 0913
  • Redmond – Branch 0914
  • Prineville – Branch 1611
  • Madras – Branch 1612
  • Tillamook – Branch 2911

Check out these frequently asked questions!

Consumers and HCWs served by these offices will switch from paper vouchers to using OR PTC DCI on August 1.

All remaining Providers and Consumers in the state will switch from paper vouchers to OR PTC DCI on Sept. 12. This includes all Personal Care Attendants statewide.

It’s time to start learning how to use OR PTC DCI!

The Provider Introductory Orientation will help you prepare for this change and teach you how to use the OR PTC DCI option that works best for you. Attend one orientation via Zoom from June 15 through June 21 (sessions are offered multiple times per day).

Register for the orientation here:

Registration links are also available at and

Have questions? Check out the frequently asked questions here. If you don’t find answers there, please contact the State’s PTC Team at