Published: July 11, 2019

We had our most recent bargaining session with the State on July 8th. 

We made progress on a new article we introduced around Worker Rights and Protections including:

  • Language regarding a worker’s right to a safe and healthy work environment and processes for how an unsafe situation will be handled.
  • Improved provider number termination rights including timely notice of any issues that could lead to loss of provider number and that workers will be notified of their right to union representation as soon as an investigation has been initiated!

Our next bargaining sessions with the state will be on July 22nd and 23rd. That’s when the state will be responding to our proposals regarding payroll issues. So over the next week we need to continue to ramp up pressure on DHS to come to the bargaining table with real solutions that get us paid on time. 

Over a thousand of us have already sent in our late pay stories or signed the petition. We will be presenting the collected stories and petitions to DHS leaders at their headquarters in Salem ahead of our next bargaining session. This action will take place on Thursday July 18th from 12pm-1:30 in Salem. If you can join us in delivering this important message to DHS click here to register.

If you haven’t yet shared your late pay story or signed the petition you can do so by clicking here.