Published: October 21, 2020

People across the country have the opportunity to cast their ballot and elect the people that will represent their vision for government in the November 3rd election. This is an incredible responsibility that we all share, and as public employees, we have an even more important role since we are guardians of public services. This year has also had unprecedented challenges, from the Covid-19 pandemic to the wildfires that rocked every corner of our state. Voting continues to be a crucial part of our civic life and so now is the perfect time to research the candidates and ballot measures and vote. This is why we put together a quick guide for everything you need to know to vote on time and correctly to ensure that your voice is heard in this election.

  • Ballots Have Arrived: Ballots were mailed out beginning Oct 14. If you have not received your ballot, please click here to find your County elections office.
  • Turning in Your Ballot: What is great about Oregon’s voter system is that it is all done through the mail, so you don’t have to wait in long lines to participate in our democracy! You can drop your sealed and signed ballot into the mailbox, no postage required, or go to one of the hundreds of ballot drop boxes around the state. Click here to find the drop box closest to you.
  • Track Your Vote: It is easy to track the process of your ballot and to ensure you are registered to vote by looking at the “My Vote” section of the Secretary of State’s website. Click here to track your ballot.
  • Voting Deadline: Your ballot will have to be received by 8:00 PM on November 3rd, Election Day. You can do this at either a drop off site (recommended), the mail, or even an in-person voting location. You need to put your ballot in the mail by October 27th if you want to guarantee it will arrive on time. If you do not prepare your ballot by that date, then the drop boxes are your best option.
  • Displaced by Fires: If you have been displaced due to wildfires, you do not have to re-register; you just need to let them State of Oregon know your temporary address. Click here to learn about how to update your address to receive your ballot.
  • Voting With a Disability: There are many options to ensure everyone has the ability to cast their ballot. Click here to learn more about supports for voters experiencing disabilities.
  • Down Ballot: This is a Presidential election year, but there are also a lot of local elections that are just as important. Make sure to vote on every position available!

Our state has worked closely with the federal postal service to ensure that our process goes smoothly. This is the responsibility of the Secretary of State, which is why it is important to vote for this critical office this November. Our Secretary of State has even taken extra measures to ensure ballot security.You should have also received a voter pamphlet that outlines the details of each candidate and measure, as well as arguments for and against. You can also click here to read it online. No matter what happens this November, voting is a powerful way that we build power and ensure that our perspectives matter. There is no more important action you can take this year and, together, we can help ensure that we have a say in our government over the coming years.