Published: May 13, 2020

On the latest episode of Stronger Together, the SEIU Local 503 podcast, we talk about the upcoming Oregon political primary!

We start with the SEIU Local 503 Political Director Andrea Cooper’s interview with Cayle Tern, who serves on 503’s CAPE Board. CAPE is the member committee that interviews political candidates and then recommends endorsements to the local’s executive board. Tern talks about their experience with CAPE and why union members should get involved in politics.

Next she interviews Secretary of State candidate Shemia Fagan, who has been a close ally of SEIU 503 and has fought hard for the issues that are important to our members. Fagan talks about her political journey, why she cares so deeply about worker rights, and what will distinguish her in the role.

Finally, Cooper interviews Rob Fullmer, and SEIU Local 503 member and candidate for State Legislature for District 36 in Portland. Fullmer talks about how he first became active in our union, how the Labor Candidates School prepared him to run for office, and how he hopes to confront issues if he gets into office.

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