Published: September 11, 2018

Last week, Governor Brown went on KATU’s Your Vote, Your Voice where she was asked about PERS, Oregon’s Public Employee Retirement System. We heard her message loud and clear:

“Our public employees are educators, they’re teachers, they’re firefighters, they’re nurses, they’re police. Our firefighters this year alone have saved over 7,000 houses from burning. Our teachers give the best years of their lives to our children, with dedication and determination. I believe they deserve a safe, secure, and affordable retirement.” – Governor Kate Brown

This stands in stark contrast to her opponent, Knute Buehler, who in January told the Central Oregon Daily News: “We have to bring an end to PERS. There are liabilities we have to take care of but going forward all public employees will be transitioned to a typical 401k system … I will not sign a single new spending bill until I have a PERS reform bill on my desk.”

Check out the entire interview with Governor Brown below, which covers a number of issues in the upcoming election.