Published: September 15, 2022

Each year, our union joins organizations across the nation in celebrating Latinx people from September 15 through October 15. After listening to our Latinx Caucus, we will be observing this month as Latinx Heritage Month, and we invite you to join us.  

As we celebrate the contributions and recognize the injustices faced by Latinx people, we are resolved to make change to help this vital part of our community. SEIU 503 will further our work to increase Latinx access to important social institutions and services, both at work and in our union, by advocating for: 

  • Higher wages for multi-language workers 
  • Stable employment for Latinx, immigrant, and BIPOC workers (who are often the first sacrificed during tough economic times) 
  • Safety from racist attacks (physical, legal, and verbal) 
  • Increased language access to all union members from communities who speak English as a second language 
  • Respect and parity for Latinx and immigrant workers (especially in sectors where they are concentrated/overly represented as workers but not in decision-making/leadership positions) 

Please join us in advancing these goals and celebrating our Latinx community over the next month! 

– SEIU 503 Executive Director Melissa Unger and President Mike Powers