Published: July 13, 2016

After months of bargaining, members reached a tentative agreement at Linn County. Members were able to successfully sit with a receptive Linn County management team to find a solution that help fill a variety of common goals. Bargaining team members Lisa Walker, Lisa Thompson, Naomi Mackey, Rich Farrier, Eric Bowling and alternate Scott Knox spent four months firing up their coworkers by moving surveys, scheduling unity breaks and mobilizing nearly 80% of the Linn County membership into taking an active role in the bargaining process.

The new 3-year contract includes:

  • 2% COLAs each year of the contract;
  • 95% County covered healthcare (of the most expensive PPO plans);
  • increased employee accumulation of vacation time;
  • removed cap on sick time accrual.

Throughout the process, members united with workers from the City of Albany, Albany PD, Linn County DHS and a variety of other community allies to resolve outstanding courthouse safety concerns, improving not only their contract, but their community. By coming together to create a better future, Linn County is taking an important towards a just and vibrant future.