Published: May 23, 2023

Here’s What’s Happening at the Bargaining Table

Alice ReddingWe spent a great deal of time discussing the homecare and personal support worker pay scale this week. We feel our discussions were worth it, as we made progress on where we are headed with the pay scale.  The State gave us a counter proposal to keep the hours cap as it is: ZERO overtime without an exception. Their justification? A business decision. Human lives are NOT a business decision.  And we are pushing back on the state’s proposal to retain their current process of sending background check information to care providers only in English, rather than in the variety of languages our members actually understand.  We passed a few counters, including a health and safety proposal that requires the state to be accountable, particularly when workers are in potentially unsafe environments.  Our Homecare and Personal Support Bargaining Team will be meeting with State Management again in a couple of weeks to continue negotiations.  Every Voice Makes A Difference! We are currently bargaining with the State for a new contract for homecare and personal support workers. This contract outlines your wages, benefits and rights on the job. Our records indicate that you are not a dues-paying member of SEIU Local 503. Only members can give feedback through bargaining surveys, vote on our contract, or run for union office. Please sign up to be an active member of SEIU 503.