Published: September 19, 2017

Huge win for Avalon workers!

We met on August 30th and September 6th for our second and third session of bargaining with Avalon. We are excited to say we have reached tentative agreements on all of our non-economic proposals!

We were able to agree on the following issues:

Layoffs & Reductions in Hours: We reached an agreement on Layoffs and Reduction in Hours language. Should a facility’s census fall and the numbers of employees exceed required staffing levels for more than sixty days, the Employer agrees to meet with the Union regarding the impact of continuing reduced hours or the possibility of layoff. Our previous language was ninety (90) days.
Hours of Work, Break Periods & Overtime: We secured language on consecutive day overtime with the language that states the employee would offer the option of taking days off. We pushed back on their proposal to add mandation language and protected  workers from being mandated to stay for an additional 4 hours after their shift! This is a BIG VICTORY and we are proud that we stood strong on this issue.
Dignity and Respect: We updated language by encouraging employers to speak in private with their employees to better reflect mutual respect and dignity between both.
Labor Management Committee: We proposed stronger language around labor management meetings to encourage better representation from all of the bargaining unit departments so that they can participate in LMC’s.
Union Rights: Union Stewards will be given the opportunity to speak with new bargaining unit employees in private for up to 15 minutes on paid release time.
Seniority: Seniority should move with you if you go from one Avalon facility to the other.

Health and safety is our only article that is still up for conversation due to an economic component that has been proposed. Our Labor Day Sticker Action on September 4th was a manifestation of the power we hold as employees and our ability to be the change we want to see in our workplaces when we stand united.

While we won improvements in our non-economic language, we need to stay united while our bargaining team continues to negotiate economics. Our next bargaining sessions are September 20th and September 25th. Wear PURPLE on bargaining days and show UNITY.