Published: October 2, 2017

We met with Prestige on September 27th and TA’d (Tentatively Agreed) on two articles:

Article 20: Other Benefits and Conditions. We ensured that incentives will be offered to bargaining unit employees first before they go to agency & pool workers, and established a minimum level for the employee referral bonus program.

Article 26: Safety and Training. Each facility will now be guaranteed a minimum of two on-site CPR trainings per year, opportunities for CMAs to do their continuing education credits at their facility, all employees will be trained on all units during their initial training period, and we ensured that employees will receive annual evaluations from management to help improve their work.

We’re happy about all the improvements we’ve agreed on so far, and we know that our co-workers are anxious to hear about their wages and health insurance. We are committed to fighting for a fair raise for everyone while facing budget constraints.

We have two more sessions; October 10th and October 17th where we will be talking about economics. Please PURPLE UP on these days to support your bargaining team’s hard work at the bargaining table!

For more information about how to get involved and support your Bargaining Team, speak to the Union Stewards, Bargaining Team member or local CAT member in your facility, or contact your SEIU Organizer at 1-844-503-SEIU(7348).