Published: April 3, 2019

Our ODOT Coalition Bargaining Committee met with management again on the evening of Tuesday, March 26. We bargained at the table until just before midnight. Our team worked diligently to pass all of our initial proposals. The deadline for new proposals has been reached and everything we are bargaining for at the ODOT Coalition is on the table.

Our team passed a proposal to find housing solutions for workers at Oregon State Parks who are currently sleeping in their cars or living at RV Parks because of a lack of available and affordable housing. We proposed setting minimum staffing levels at ODOT dispatch centers around the state so we can bargain over what happens when they fall below minimum staffing, and we proposed a pay differential for ODFW members who use Electroshockers to fish. We also made proposals to fix a few gaps in call-back compensation.

As a reminder, we meet every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, 5:30PM, at the ODF HQ building in Salem. Central table meets on Wednesday and Thursday of the same weeks. Our next ODOT Coalition bargaining session will be on April 9th. Members are encouraged to attend, but please give your organizer or bargaining delegate a heads up so we can plan for enough space (you can also use