Published: August 6, 2018

This week, OPB followed the anti-worker Freedom Foundation/Opt Out Today as they went door to door in Salem trying — and failing — to talk to union members.

From bad lists, to disinterested people, to pro-union retirees, SEIU members aren’t falling for their Koch-funded lies. You should listen to the full radio story, which starts with this apt line: “It’s 93 degrees under a cloudless Salem sky and the union busting business doesn’t seem to be going great.”

And while we find that fun, the attack on our union is no joke. National anti-union groups are waging an $80 million PR campaign aimed at weakening our ability to fight for better wages and benefits. They’re using sympathetic stories to attack us in the courts, in the media or at our doorstep. Here are some resources about who is behind this campaign, and what their motives really are.

Want to take action? Check out this video from member Sarah Campos, in which she talks about the value of her union. Share it on Facebook or Twitter so your network can see why unions are so important.