Published: May 3, 2024

Ballots for Oregon’s primary election were mailed on May 1st, and you should receive yours soon. If you don’t have your ballot by next week, please contact your county election office for a replacement ballot. Decisions that impact SEIU members’ wages, benefits, and working conditions are made by elected officials – from local governments to the legislature and beyond. This election matters for union members. 

Our union’s member-run political program is how we make sure our voice is in the room when those decisions are made. Electing candidates who share our values has resulted in good contracts, investments in building more housing, protecting members from illegal debt collections, and ending workplace harassment. 

View SEIU Endorsements

Political endorsements are done in partnership between SEIU Local 49 and SEIU Local 503 with members of each local having the final say on each endorsement. Endorsements are 100% member-led through our transparent process that you can find out more about here. Our members volunteered hours and days of their time to select a slate of pro-worker champions up and down the ballot. You can view our full list of endorsements here. 

The May 21 primary election is an opportunity for SEIU members to vote our values, hire our bosses, and ensure that Oregon is led by people who support working families. Let’s all do our part and vote for the future we deserve.