Published: April 1, 2019

Today, care providers and their consumers/clients are descending on Salem to raise the alarm about proposed cuts to long-term care programs. The co-chair budget proposal, which would cut 5% from programs supporting in-home care for seniors and people with disabilities, will devastate an already vulnerable system and put lives at risk.

Once considered a model state, Oregon has fallen behind in caring for seniors and people with disabilities. Now, as demand skyrockets, we are facing a care crisis. Poor standards, abuse, and neglect put vulnerable people at risk every day. Low wages, turnover, and out-of-date systems make it impossible for care providers to succeed at their jobs. It is time for the legislature to do the right thing and invest in this system.

Why this matters to you

We are all touched by this work at one point or another in our lives — an investment in the care economy is one of the most effective ways to lift up our union and the communities we live in.

SEIU members are homecare, personal support and child care workers, providing in-home care for Oregon’s seniors and people with disabilities. In addition, we are staff at DHS who administer long-term care programs, administrators of adult foster homes, and employees at a range of long-term care facilities.

What we can do

The Legislature is considering several bills — part of SEIU 503’s Care Agenda — that would start to move Oregon in the right direction.

  • SB 669 – Improving standards at private homecare agencies.
  • SB 725 – Reducing barriers to entry for care providers.
  • HB 2490 – Establish a Long-Term Care Wage Board to help set fair wages and benefits, provide career advancement training, and improve working conditions for all long term care workers in Oregon.


Click here to tell your legislator that it’s time to invest in long-term care.