Published: August 21, 2019

In preparation for the strike vote, SEIU 503 has taken steps to support members, including a strike benefits fund and a hardship fund. We’re stronger together.

Make sure to sign your strike pledge and stand with your coworkers!

Strike Benefit Fund: During a strike, members are eligible for a weekly stipend of $400 for every seven days they are on strike, starting on the 8th day of a strike. This is meant to prevent any financial disruption from being off the job. You must be an active member in good standing and complete strike duties as defined by the strike captain to qualify.

For example: For example: If a strike lasts 8 to 14 days, a member who was on strike the entire period could apply to their strike captain and qualify for the weekly stipend. A strike lasting 7 days or less would not qualify for the stipend.

Strike Hardship Assistance: A strike would most likely impact your October 31 paycheck. In addition to the weekly stipend, the SEIU Local 503 Board of Directors allocated $500,000 to a hardship fund to support workers who receive a reduced paycheck as a result of the strike.

Members in good standing who completed strike duties may apply to get reimbursed for expenses not covered by lost pay. There is no set amount or limit. Reimbursement will be done on a case-by-case basis. Applications will be available when the first impacted paycheck is received (timing depends on when a strike is called) and close 15 days after the last impacted paycheck (most likely November 15).

For example: If a member is out on strike for 8 days and is not paid for those 8 days, they could apply for hardship assistance. The Hardship Committee will review applications and award reimbursement on a case-by-case basis.

Sub-Local Hardship Assistance: Sub-locals with hardship committees/funds of their own should be the second line of assistance for workers seeking hardship funds while on strike. Their criteria will be the same as the 503 hardship fund.