Published: December 1, 2020

Bylaws Article XVII – COMMITTEES

Section 1. The President shall appoint the chairs and members of Standing Committees of the Union, Standing Committees of the Board, Special Committees, and Special Councils subject to ratification by the Board, except as otherwise specified in these Bylaws. Appointments shall be made only after the Union announces available committee and/or council positions and Locals’ Presidents have been asked to submit names for available positions. Both the President and the Board shall maintain committee and council membership that respect the Union’s diversity of membership.

Committee and Council Synopsis


1. Rules Committee promotes consistency in the union’s governing documents and makes recommendations to the Board; and works with sublocals to ensure sublocal governing documents are consistent with those of the union bylaws and laws. Chaired by a Statewide Officer. (Bylaws)

2. Member Representation Committee recommends Board action on matters concerning election challenges, charges against members, removal of officers, allegations of a breach of the union’s duty of fair representation, internal union disputes, and contract ratification procedures. (Bylaws)

3. Union Finance Committee develops plans for adequately financing the union, presents an annual budget to the Board, regularly reviews the fiscal operation of the union, and reviews and recommends funding requests. Committee consists of the Chair, Statewide Treasurer, the Vice Presidents (2), the Secretary, and designated members. (Bylaws)

4. Stewards’ Committee coordinates steward activities statewide. The committee plans regular trainings and a biennial conference, provides stewards’ training, periodically surveys stewards to determine training needs, coordinates with sublocal and union to provide appropriate recognition for stewards. (Bylaws)

5. Operations Committee evaluates existing operations and procedures of the Union and, as needed, develops plans to improve processes in order to reduce expenses and/or increase efficiency. The Committee shall issue any recommendations to the Board of Directors for consideration. Advised by key union staff from Finance, Operations & Legal. (Bylaws)


1. Member Benefits (Member Advantages) Committee recommends Board action on benefit programs, policy positions on insurance programs, and maintenance, betterment and promotion of Workers’ Compensation benefits. (AP&P)

2. Staff Screening Committee reviews applications, participates in interviews, and makes recommendations for hiring permanent union positions (excluding the Executive Director position) to the Executive Director or designee, or a hiring supervisor. (AP&P) 

3. Civil and Human Rights Committee monitors and promotes the union’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and supports caucuses; administers the Latinx, Lavender (LQTBQI), African/American (AFRAM), Indigenous Peoples, and the Asian, Desi, and Pacific Islander, Women of Color caucuses to build a strong power base for pursuing issues of cultural diversity. This Committee functions as both a coalition and coordinating body for equity and inclusion work across the union. Committee members are made up of two (2) members of each caucus and 2 members of the Women’s Council plus two (2) additional at-large positions filled at the Committee’s discretion. (AP&P)

4. Member/Local Union Organizing Committee designs and supports programs in which members work on behalf of the union while on leave or release from their current employment. This committee includes union leadership and rank-and-file members. (AP&P)

5. Hardship Committee sets standards and criteria for local Hardship Committees for providing limited and short-term assistance to members. President appoints one (1) Board member as a liaison between the Board and Committee; this is a nonvoting position. (AP&P)

6. Committee to Protect Injured Workers organizes, educates, and mobilizes around the issues of Workers’ Compensation, insurance, safety, and health. (AP&P)

7. Pension and Thrift Committee monitors the plan implementation and pension funds investment of the SEIU Local 503, OPEU Staff Retirement Plan. Trustees are: Two SEIU 503 admin staff, two represented staff, and two members of the Board. (AP&P)

8. Fight Contracting Out Committee is charged with developing expertise in how to fight privatization and acts as a rapid response team to assist in fighting any contracting out efforts. (AP&P)

9. Climate Justice Committee creates public and union awareness of the Union’s commitment to climate justice policies, develops and provides climate justice training programs, promotes climate justice and environmental sustainability related to affected members, works with C&HR Committee and caucuses, fights for climate justice for all and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors 

10. Universal Healthcare Committee reports to the Board and is charged with proposing and coordinating efforts to carry out the Union’s universal healthcare policy, including internal and external campaigns approved by the Board.


Special Councils include Higher Education Council, Private Non-Profit Council, Nursing Home Council, and Local Presidents Council. These councils were established to further communications and the principles of unionism within these groups.  If interested in serving on a Council, contact your sub-local Presidents. (AP&P)

1. Women’s Council plans and executes a conference every three (3) years, institutes information, research, and lobbying programs that address issues of particular interest to the women of our union; creates a network of activities, including leadership development and mentoring to involve women of the union, cultivates mutual support with the C&HR Committee and Caucuses, especially the Women of Color Caucus.  Board Directors & Assistant Directors are tasked with recruiting/nominating a delegate from the employment sector or geographic region they have been elected to represent on the Board. (AP&P)


A Special Committee is a committee established by General Council or the Board for a specific purpose on a temporary basis, with its duration determined by the Board. Unless otherwise provided for in the Bylaws or AP&P, all committees shall consist of members and a chairperson who are appointed by the Union President, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

1. Operational Audit Committee reports to the Board and is charged with conducting operational audits, reviews, and other investigations as the Board deems necessary to assure the Board that resources and assets are used efficiently and effectively to realize the goals of the local.