Published: March 11, 2022

The State has determined there will be no changes in the mask policy for homecare workers, personal support workers, and personal care attendants, even though the Governor is lifting mask mandates for most indoor public settings in Oregon after March 11. Read about Oregon Health Authority’s tips for wearing a mask here

These current exceptions remain in place:

  • Workers who live in the same residence as the supported person are not required to wear masks when providing care.
  • If a mask causes emotional distress to the consumer-employer or if the consumer-employer requests that their providers not wear a mask, the worker will be exempt from wearing a mask.
  • If a provider has a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask, they may ask for an ADA accommodation. Providers with an ADA accommodation are exempt from wearing a mask.

If you have questions about the updated mask guidance for providers, please call or email the Oregon Home Care Commission Customer Relations Unit at 877-624-6080 or

Providers can access masks and gloves by completing and submitting a request through the options below: