Published: May 5, 2022

“The leaked draft decision indicating the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) intends to overturn Roe v. Wade is a disturbing development that will send our country back decades, leaving states to determine whether to allow abortion in their jurisdictions; while a number of states have unenforced pre-Roe v. Wade laws still on the books, we are already seeing states such as Texas passing new laws that effectively ban all abortion.

“We will fight to keep Oregon a safe place for a person’s fundamental right to reproductive choice, however, we are gravely concerned about the disproportionate impact this potential decision will have on low-income and women of color across America. It will mean people who cannot travel to ‘safe’ states will return to back-alley procedures by unlicensed providers or have a child they do not feel they can care for.

“This effort is a part of a broader attack on women, people of color and low-income Americans. These anti-choice lawyers are the same ones fighting to suppress the right to vote in regions of the country where people of color live and using the courts to undermine workers’ rights to join unions. This is an attack on all of us.”

–Melissa Unger, SEIU 503 Executive Director

–Stephanie Prentiss, University of Oregon, Co-Chair, Women’s Committee

–Ivonne Rivero, Homecare Worker, Co-Chair, Women’s Committee