Published: June 24, 2019

Despite the universities being on track to receive an additional $100 million in funding from the state legislature, we have yet to see a revised economic proposal from the management team, who said their dismal initial offer was because of a lack of state funding.  The disrespect we have felt is real, and is driven by management’s greed rather than actual economic hardship.

We spent a large amount of time negotiating non-economic proposals, including Article 69 – Mutual Respect. Every member of our union bargaining team spoke to the impacts of a hostile work environment and the reasons for proposing a 90 day window instead of 30 days to report bullying or abusive behavior.

Management seemed to lack empathy for the trauma caused by abusive workplace behaviors and said that if someone doesn’t file a complaint within 30 days then it must not have been that bad. This is a deep insult to everyone who has struggled against abuse or harassment on the job, and we stand united in supporting our coworkers who have been subjected to this type of treatment.Do you have a personal story of workplace disrespect or bullying behavior that you want us to share at the bargaining table to help us illustrate the extent of the problem we are trying to address?

Click here to share your story, and we can keep your story anonymous if you prefer.

Our team continues to emphasize workplace flexibility and respect as our primary noneconomic priorities.

Management’s proposal is also a massive cut to your healthcare, click here to see use the calculator to see exactly how you would be impacted if management got their way and slashed our benefits.

We will continue to keep fighting for respect and a good contract, and we need to come together and support the bargaining effort. Come out to a rally, wear purple, and show your support for a great contract!