Published: May 28, 2019

The Member Resource Center (MRC) is made up of union organizers who are experts in how to enforce the contracts that we have fought hard for, and support member-leaders and stewards in representing workers on the job.  Without that strong enforcement and advocacy, a contract is meaningless, and so working together the MRC has been a game changer in holding management accountable to their promises.

For Homecare and Personal Support Workers these include issues like late pay, voucher problems, and issues with reporting pay.  In September, 2017, John Knight submitted a voucher for 60 hours of work, but he was never paid for it. After months of asking the Department of Human Services (DHS) to correct the error, he wasn’t getting anywhere. Missing two weeks worth of pay is hard for anyone, and it can be particularly devastating for workers who live on a tight budget.

When it was clear that nothing was going to move forward at DHS, John contacted SEIU Local 503’s Member Resource Center who worked with him to file a grievance, which is an official notice that management or the responsible state agency has violated the contract, and force management to make things right.  When homecare or personal support workers are not paid correctly in the appropriate time frame, that could be a violation of the contract, and a grievance is the official way that members, stwards, and MRC organizers can hold management accountable. Soon, John was paid the $870 he was owed.

“The folks at the MRC did a lot of work with me, and behind the scenes with DHS, to make this happen,” John said.

SEIU 503’s Member Resource Center (MRC) helps members understand their rights at work and defend their contract on the job. The MRC trains members to become shop stewards and defend their coworkers when people are being treated unfairly. MRC organizers field nearly 70 calls a day and are there for members when they need support most — often when facing unjust termination, lost wages, or are the victims of abusive behavior at the workplace. The MRC wins nearly $100,00 in lost wages for members each year.

Contact the MRC by calling 1-844-503-SEIU (7348), and let them know if you have any issues that you think might be a violation of your contract.  Together, we can create solutions to these issues and make sure that our contracts are respected in our workplaces.