Published: July 6, 2018

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Some background to ODFW joining SEIU 503

  • 2003 SEIU 503 started organizing ODFW to join the union because of the atmosphere Management created (Code of Conduct was developed, Budgets being cut without discussion, and talk of ODFW employees paying for a portion of healthcare).
  • Late 2003 ODFW joined SEIU 503
  • January, 22, 2004 ODFW sub-Local 109 signed their first contract and was added to the ODOT Coalition part of the SEIU/DAS Collective Bargaining Agreement

What did ODFW employees receive for being part of the SEIU/DAS Collective Bargaining Agreement in 2004?

  • Grievance procedure- employees did not have any of these rights before the contract. If an employee had a complaint about any workplace action (dismissal, discipline, unequal treatment, safety concerns, etc.) they did not have a resource to go to for help in resolving the issue.
  • More stable economic benefits (retirement, paid leave, healthcare)- guaranteed until contract expires
  • Overtime- choice for cash or comp time for FLSA non-exempt employees. Before having a Collective Bargaining Agreement (our contract), ODFW employees received only comp time when they worked OT, if their Manager even gave it to them.
  • Uniform allowance – Bargained for $200 in 2004 because ODFW Management had taken it away from employees.
  • Call back compensation- Before the contract some employees were told to be on call, but were not compensated for it
  • Work Schedules- Before the contract employees had no rights regarding when they were scheduled to work or how much notice needed to be given.
  • Fish and Wildlife Technician series- a couple years after ODFW joined SEIU 503 this classification was re-classed and gave a majority of Fish and Wildlife Hatchery Technicians a pay increase because of being able to bargain a new salary range.
  • Engineers, Carpenters, and Welders were given a raise once the contract was signed. Before 2004 ODFW paid them a lower salary.  Once the contract was signed ODFW had to match the rest of the ODOT Coalition already bargained for Salaries.

Since 2004 language addressing specific workplace issues has been added to the Collective Bargaining Agreement

  • Scheduling language
  • Uniform allowance increase
  • Uniform allowance increase for returning Seasonal Employees
  • Hiring language for Seasonal Employees
  • Rehire rights for Seasonal Employees
  • Hatchery on-call/stand by language clarifying rate of pay and under what conditions, on-call or standby applies.
  • Limited Duration employees becoming permanent without interviewing due to number of years they were in the position
  • Seasonal vacation carryover of 40 hours when moving to different positions
  • Limitation of hours between shifts
  • Paid job interview leave
  • Paid leave to attend retirement counseling

Many grievances have been filed and settled since having a collective bargaining agreement.

Examples include:

  • Employee receives job back
  • Employee receives back pay
  • Working conditions made better
  • Overtime paid
  • Inclement weather/hazard condition pay due to closure
  • Reinstatement of telecommuting agreement
  • Professional Workplace behavior
  • Intimidation/retaliation/hostile workplace/discrimination
  • Reinforcement of specified time limits for removal of disciplinary actions from personnel files
  • Elimination or reduction of pay reductions used as disciplinary actions
  • Safety violations and implementation of additional training
  • Recall rights for seasonal employees enforced
  • Work out of class (WOC) pay