September 23rd and 24th will be our first negotiation session with management. Our union bargaining team, which includes elected representatives from each university, will meet with management to lay out SEIU members’ priorities for these negotiations and begin making proposals for changes to our contract.​​​​

We’ve identified the following bargaining priorities that will guide our negotiations:

  • Fair cost-of-living increases.
  • Protecting our health insurance and PERS.
  • Expanding and protecting opportunities to work remotely.
  • Recognizing those of us who had to work on-campus during the pandemic.
  • Strengthening our contract language guaranteeing mutual respect.
  • Addressing gender-based pay inequities.

Our power at the bargaining table comes from members getting involved, standing together, and making their voices heard. Join us for a virtual Higher Ed Unity Break on September 23rd at 12pm to hear more about what our union is fighting for and how members can add their voices.