Alice Redding – CAPE Region 1; Senate District 16

Hello, my name is Alice Redding. I am a homecare worker. I have been a homecare worker for 21 years. I am running for the CAPE Council, District 1, Senate district 16. I have dedicatedly served on the CAPE Council for 14 years. I was a director for homecare for 10 years; on the Board of Directors for two terms, on the bargaining team for 7 bargaining sessions. I am currently on the bargaining team. I am also a homecare steward; which I’ve been for about 10 years. I have been very involved in the CAPE Council. I have interviewed legislators, gone to many lobby days, have done numerous phone banks, canvassing, hustle texting, rallys; some of which I organized. I have also attended town hall meetings. I’ve testified at one town hall meeting, and one in Salem. I’ve attended almost all the meetings. I believe in and strongly support our CAPE Council. We carefully elect legislators that will support our values and beliefs, around collective bargaining for unions, for the working people of Oregon.  Please consider voting for me for the CAPE Council


Anna Young – CAPE Region 1; Senate District 16

Hello, my name is Anna Young. I have been a home care worker since 2004 in Columbia county. I am currently a steward and a delegate with the home care bargaining team. I have never ran for a position on the cape council until now, but I have volunteered and I have supported the cape council for many years. In 2011 I supported and canvassed for Joe Gallego’s, and Ben Unger who were running as representatives in districts 29 and 30. I canvassed for Tiffany Mitchell who was running as a representative in district 16, Clatsop County. I firmly believe we need to support the candidates that run for office in our districts, regions and states that have the same values, goals and principles that are in favor of our collective bargaining, the working people and unions as a whole. I have supported and actively been involved in phone banking, hustle texting, canvassing, voter registration, rally’s, mocks ,vocs, and lobby days. I have written testimonies for the ways and means committees that support the programs we serve through our in-home care consumers and personnel support workers. I have attended and created home care regional meetings in Columbia, Clatsop and Washington counties. From 2016 through 2020 I served on the board of directors as a delegate and director. In 2018 through 2020 I served as a director on the home care council. I am running for Cape council district #1 senate district #16. Please consider supporting me. Thank You.


Dorothy Charis Pearson – CAPE Region 1; Senate District 16

No Candidate Statement.


Gary Fletcher – CAPE Region 1; Senate District 1

I have been an active registered voter for over 51 years. I plan to continue my active involvement, voting for the person that I believe is qualified. Challenging and holding the elected person accountable for their actions when they error, in my opinion. Educating others to do the same. I hereby self-nominate for CAPE council.

Guillermo Romero – CAPE Region 1; Senate District 16

No Candidate Statement.


Joy Vegar – CAPE Region 1; Senate District 5

My name is Joy Vegar. I’m running for CAPE so that I can continue to be a voice for our South Coast rural interests. Please grant me the privilege of representing you on CAPE. Thank you.


Serena McCurdy – CAPE Region 1; Senate District 16

Hello, I’m Serena McCurdy, A PSW for 11 years from Columbia County, St. Helens Oregon. Currently I’m a Steward and a Homecare Council Director for District 6. I’m on a few committees and a co-chair for one. I believe also on cape council as I really enjoy being involved in our Union. I enjoy staying active and participating in our zoom meetings, lobby days, phone hustles also been at the rally’s that was we were able to attend in person. I believe Cape is very important to our Union to help maintain people in our legislature and in our state that believe in our values and what we value as workers in what we do. If elected for Cape Council I strongly will support and continue to build a better future for us all. Please Consider electing me for cape council. In unity I Thank You Serena McCurdy


Carolynn Kohout – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 15

The relationship of CAPE, pay, benefits, and other contract issues is directly linked to having elected, worker-friendly legislators who see union growth the way SEIU does. I have worked and am ready to continue working 1- the necessary hours to elect, educate, and keep in touch with legislators on SEIU’s behalf; and 2- to do the research and spend the time necessary to go over the bills passed for and against our needs; and 3- then to email them out to you when you request it. Member Updating: Contact me at if you would like bills passed by the 2021 Legislature. CAPE: Senate District 15 Representative 2017 to present and delegate when not a representative after 2007. SEIU: Climate Change Committee 2019 to present. Pre-Covid: Attended interviews for candidates in Washington County. Positions in Local 99: Homecare Worker with Seniors & Adults with Disabilities, Personal Support Worker, Enhanced Homecare and Personal Support Worker. Bargaining Team 2019 and 2013. Canvassing for: For Janeen Sollman, Joe Gallegos, Chuck Riley, and Kathleen Harrington. Phone Banking: In Hillsboro and Beaverton for Washington County. Political Activity: 2021: Attended Zoom meetings for candidates, rally in Salem for Homecare Workers. 2019: Speak at Ways and Means Road Shows; attend Town Halls and Lobby Days. 2013: Lobby days; supported Child Care during a Committee presentation; e-mail re: consequences of homecare workers not getting work in their immediate areas. 2012: Lobby Days; e-mailed Ways & Means Committee re: consequences of homecare workers not getting work.


Elizabeth Holladay – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 19

There is no doubt that for even those who are not political, politics matters. Politics defines the world that we live in – the environment, housing, schools, child care, care for the elderly and disabled, medical care, equity and inclusion, standards of living, and much more. We in Oregon are quite fortunate to live in relatively good economic times. As a result, our State can help Oregonians not just survive but thrive. We do that by electing local and state officials who support us – all of us – via legislation and economic funding. Even though we are dealing with the impacts of a pandemic that has taken its toll on us, it is our elected and appointed officials who act so that we can beat this nightmare. Our CAPE Council serves our union by recommending endorsements and supporting candidates for political office. It is a substantive force in creating a better world. I have been honored to have served at least four terms on the Council. As a long-term union activist, I have been a steward, a DHS/OHA officer and Bargaining Team member, a General Council delegate, a member of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Women’s Council. Now as an Elder (Gray Panther), I am pleased to mentor others as they come to the Council – for many of them will be the leaders of tomorrow. I would love your vote so that I can join others in creating positive change in Oregon.


Emily Wang – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 21

No Candidate Statement.


Holly Fries – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 20

My name is Holly Fries. I have been part of the homecare and personal support team for a long time. Before we became local 99. I would love to be part of the cape team. I think its important to know what is going on and help keep things going the way they should. I have been on the homecare and also 503 board several times so i know how important these things are. I am excited to be part of the cape board and would love to learn more about it. Thank you for your time


Ivonne Rivero – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 21

No Candidate Statement.


Jija Eberhardt – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 24

My name is Jija Eberhardt and I running for Cape Council to represent you. I am very eager to learn and to learn in how I can represent you all in the decisions that affects all of us in the work we do. I will advocate for all of you and what’s best for the community as well. Thank you Jija Eberhardt

John Leppink – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 14

I am running for CAPE representative, Region 2, Portland Metro Region. I was a steward, bargaining representative and worked on bargaining campaigns at ODFW Local 109. I am a Retirees Local 001 member. I have been a CAPE delegate since 2005. I have participated in Lobby Days, represented SEIU at the Labor Luncheon, testifying on behalf of the union before legislative committees, phone-banked, and participated in several organizing campaigns in Oregon, Colorado, and California. I have participated in candidate interviews and follow up meetings with elected officials. I have actively campaigned for SEIU supported candidates by phone banking and door knocking. I believe that good contracts, improved working conditions and continued benefits start with the political process at the city, county, state, and national level. Working through CAPE gives us the ability to influence that process for the betterment of all workers. As a delegate, I will continue to educate others on the political process. I will work to increase CAPE’s membership and member’s involvement in the political process. I will work with CAPE on the local, state and national level to promote labor friendly candidates and legislation. I will work to hold elected officials accountable for actions against workers and unions. Collectively we can make a difference. I would appreciate you support and the opportunity to serve all workers of Oregon.


John Rumler  – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 23

My name is John Rumler and I’m a relatively new HCW living in the Montavilla neighborhood of SE Portland and would love to support the positive & progressive agenda & vision of the political arm of the SEIU (503). I have an extensive background in healthcare, social service and public speaking and have lived in Portland since 1985.


Joy’e M Willman – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 23

I am currently a CAPE member and would like to continue on the CAPE board . I believe those who have been around should be involved in mentoring new folks . To continue working to make Oregon a better place for all to live and work is my main goal. We have a hard fight ahead and i want to continue to work on our issues . I am dedicated to CAPE and our members and would appreciate your vote.


Max Brown – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 22

I am running for a delegate position in CAPE Region 2 and would appreciate your support and your vote. I am currently serving this term as the CAPE delegate for SD 22 (North and NE Portland), and I serve on the Board of Directors and as a steward. I have worked for the Oregon Department of Human Services since 2005 in the Aging and People with Disabilities program. I have always enjoyed interviewing candidates, door-to-door canvassing and lit drops, and lobbying during legislative session. With the Governor’s race, the legislative midterms, local elections, and several key ballot initiatives, we have a lot of work and advocacy over the next two years and beyond. As a CAPE delegate and member, I want to support and learn from other CAPE members as we work together to champion fair contracts for us, and stronger communities, and do whatever it takes to support new and emerging leaders. I have seen so many new leaders emerge and hope to see this momentum continue over the next two years on the CAPE Council and our Union overall. I look forward to working with all of you in the next two years, advocating for a stronger Oregon committed to equity, anti-racism, social and economic justice, climate justice, health care for all, and a culture in which every person is treated with dignity and respect.


Megan Cohen – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 14

I am running for the CAPE Council because I want to be more involved in our union and strongly believe in the power of organizing to affect change for our workers. I have worked at the City of Beaverton for 8 years and have been VP of our local, an active steward, and a member of our bargaining team. I believe that fighting for good leaders and good policies is essential to the benefits that we all see — whether it’s expanded sick leave, better healthcare, or more stability overall. I would be honored to be a part of this on a larger scale.


Nancy Diamond – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 17

I am running for CAPE Council for Senate District 17, in Washington County. I would like your vote so that I am able to continue to be a voice for working Oregonians. I have been on the CAPE Council for the last 4 years and have been proud of the work that our Council does to promote and advocate for the welfare of our members. We are a diverse group of SEIU CAPE contributing members that meet regularly to review ballot measures and candidates running in all aspects of Oregon’s election process: local, county and state. I feel I make a difference by paying attention to the issues that concern us, asking questions as well as listening to our brothers and sisters in our union as well as the candidates running for election. Until my retirement from Higher Ed 4 years ago I served our local in the positions of Vice President, Treasurer, Shop Steward, Hardship Leave Chair and member of our CAT. I represented our Union on many university committees including Labor Relations and university restructuring. I have taken many leadership trainings through LERC and SEIU 503. I have phone banked for causes and candidates, walked many picket lines and participated in our last strike of 1995. It is important to me to have the place in which I live be a place where our policies and officials represent the betterment of all working and retired people. I would appreciate your vote.


Patty Falkenstein – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 18

Patty Falkenstein – Candidate for CAPE Region 2, Senate District 18 Local 99: Homecare Worker Now more than ever as we see the erosion of our constitutional rights and voting rights we need to unite and pool our strengths and resources to support politicians that will act for working people-not corporate interests and the 1%. Unions can be a deciding factor in an economy that works for all, not just a privileged few. As a CAPE delegate this last term, I met with and interviewed candidates, attended political rallies and strike actions, wrote letters and emails to support union interests, and testified on important bills this legislative session. These are some of the things I do to help move forward a more inclusive agenda. This next term we need to focus on supporting and electing more diverse and representative political candidates, impartial redistricting to accommodate the population shifts especially in Washington county – and addressing the climate change emergencies that are unfolding before our eyes. I would like to serve on the CAPE council again in order to use my voice to call for a better Oregon, not just for our union but also for those we serve. Thank you for your support.


Paula C Likes – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 25

My name is Paula and I have been a caregiver for 22 years as of November 1st. I love caring for other people and helping them stay in their homes and getting the care they need. I have told my story for many years and a huge fighter for 15 an hour. I would love to join so I can get back to what I was doing before covid hit.


Rick Swart – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 20

The pandemic demonstrated why it is so important we have a strong union, and why we support candidates and issues that support our values. It is an honor to work with my SEIU brothers and sisters and look forward to another year on the CAPE council.


Rob Fullmer – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 18

I have nearly a decade of experience helping our union in its efforts to ensure we do everything we can to get worker friendly elected officials into state and local government, including coming off the job to work for our union in the 2018 election to get the legislature and governor we needed to pass corporate tax reform to invest in education funding for the first time in decades. THANK YOU to CAPE for endorsing me in the 2020 primary in the attempt I made to run for the Oregon legislature in house district 36! I will always be grateful. Serving our union to identify and elect leaders who will always stand with us is a cause to which I am deeply committed.


Shirley Minor – CAPE Region 2; Senate District 22

As a lifelong, 3rd generation Union member, I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the CAPE Council. I am active at the local, state and national level and am affiliated with candidates who are in sync with our union issues and who carry our SEIU message.  I have served as a longtime Democratic district leader and work in unison with the Democratic Party throughout the country. I am a member of the Soul District Business Association (SDBA), NABVETS, NAACP, WNA, NECN  and the Urban League and am committed to enacting policies to provide Healthcare for All, Employment Training, Job Security, Retirement Potential and developing the tools that give families the strength to survive. On the national level, I have performed radio and TV interviews for SEIU and have represented our union at two national conventions as a State Delegate.   As an active political leader, I have been able to seam together my union and democratic activities in ways that complement each other. I have used my energy for many years to canvas, distribute flyers, perform lit drops, phone bank, deliver lawn signs and help wherever I am needed. I maintain contact with elected officials, attend their meetings, events and remind them of their political promises.  As a member of the CAPE Council, I will be instrumental in participating in important deliberations and applying pressure in support of our issues in order to ensure that our families receive the benefits we have fought for. 



Agnes J Cassel – CAPE Region 3; Senate District 13

This last 16 months have been hard for SEIU Members:  Covid, Wildfires, return to Office and vaccine mandate – it makes you want to curl up in ball and ask that they contact you when it is all over with. But we as SEIU members can’t afford to hide as there are pressing issues that we as members care about and need to support candidates that cate about them too, like race equality ,climate change/environmental issues, supporting Families and for our communities the homeless issue. I also want to mention an issue that probably is not CAPE related but I think should be of concern for any SEIU member at any level-SEIU Union Membership, we need to convince new employees to join and convince members who left to come back. In solidarity, Agnes


Angelica Ceja Ochoa – CAPE Region 3; Senate District 10

The reason I want to continue serving on CAPE are many. I believe that by being a member union, that not only should we have people in leadership that uphold the union values, but also have a voice that represent all of members regardless of partisanship. I know that out members often have conflicting views and beliefs. I have spent my time on CAPE trying to focus on the bigger issues we DO agree on. And It’s my hope to continue incorporating that belief when it comes to making decisions on who we endorse as union. When I help with New Employee Orientation, prospective menders often ask me why they should sign up to be a member if they do not agree with the political campaigns that SEIU has endorsed in the past. My response to that question to let them know, SEIU is member union and holds the opinions of their members in high regard. By being a member who is part of CAPE they get a chance to have a voice in this process. This is a process in truly believe in.


Catherine Stearns – CAPE Region 3; Senate District 12

I retired from the workforce but there is no retiring from political life. Thanks to member won Union benefits, I got to retire with financial security; and I want to pay it forward. Too many folks in the current workforce cannot even think about achieving financial security today let alone in their future. That is so wrong and why we need to build on our strength and build our numbers to continually push the edge in the direction WE want to go. CAPE is the heart beat of SEIU; without political power, we are on the menu. That is why I am running for another term as CAPE Region 3 delegate. Thank-you for your continuing support with a vote for me and for contributing to CAPE.


Eleni Speropulos– CAPE Region 3; Senate District 9

No Candidate Statement.


Hismelia Cardier – CAPE Region 3; Senate District 12

No Candidate Statement.


Jan Montes – CAPE Region 3; Senate District 11

Hello Home Care and Personal Support Workers of SEIU 503!!! My name is Jan Montes. I live in Salem Oregon, and I am a Home Care Worker for a family member who lives with me in my home and requires 24/7 care and absolutely cannot. be left alone. I am running for this position with CAPE (our Citizen’s Action for Political Education) because I believe and support our program from the depths of my soul. Our program that enables people who cannot care for themselves without the support of people like us is the backbone of Oregon. I have said it before and I will continue to say it; WE ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN OREGON! Why? Because we CARE! We enable people to live productive and healthy lives! We save our state money! We MUST continue to align our Union SEIU 503 politically with those who believe in OUR program regardless. I promise to continue to work hard as a member of CAPE and I will encourage all of our members and beyond to do so! Together WE will win.


Linda Burgin – CAPE Region 3; Senate District 10; Retiree

I am a candidate for the CAPE Council for the following reasons: (1) Electing worker-friendly candidates is key our winning at the bargaining tables of each of our sectors and winning for all workers everywhere. (2) I want to actively participate in the 503 democratic endorsement process because I know it helps us elect the BEST of the worker-friendly candidates. (3) The CAPE process for endorsement is intelligent. Using candidate responses to the CAPE questionnaire and member interviews, we are able to accurately assess candidates regarding our issues. Combined with the CAPE reports on legislative voting records, we are able to track the performance of individual legislators after they are elected, and to hold them accountable. I believe I have the experience and skills needed to serve on the CAPE Council. I am proud to be a member of Retirees Local 001. From 2008-2012, I served as 503 Statewide President and Oregon State Council President. From 2004-2008, I served as 503 Statewide Secretary-Treasurer. From 2006-2008, and from 2013- 2021, I served as a CAPE Delegate. In addition, I have been a CAPE contributor for over 25 years. Please vote for Linda J. Burgin for CAPE Council Delegate!


Rochelle Santiago – CAPE Region 3; Senate District 11

I have been involved in election campaigns and organizing work most of my life time. I have worked as a community organizer and campaign staff. I know that if we want to get things done to make the lives of us working people better we need to organize around our issues and the candidates that support us. We need to not only elect good people we need to hold them to their word.


Steve C Emerson – CAPE Region 3; Senate District 10

I’ve been a proud union member and employee of the State of Oregon for 5 years now. My experience with our union includes serving as a steward, General Council delegate, member organizer, and Labor Management Committee member. I also have years of experience phone banking, canvassing, recruiting, and general outreach. I would be honored to represent you and help ensure that CAPE actions reflect the values of our union by advocating for bills and candidates that support us instead of making empty promises and manufacturing excuses for cuts to our retirement. We need real allies, not fair-weather friends.


Vesna Grace Hopkins – CAPE Region 3; Senate District 12

My name is Vesna, and I am a multilingual Eligibility worker with the State of Oregon-DHS VEC Corvallis. I have combined 17 years of public service, 13 in the current position. I hold a MA in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Food and Social Justice Systems, and BA in Cultural Anthropology (both Cum Laude) from OSU. I am a union member and a current chair and chief steward for local 204.I am also an alumna of the “Oregon Labor Candidate School” (2016) where i learned how to serve Oregonians better. I served on the Human Rights Committee for 4 years and the D4 Diversity Committee for 4 years, and currently i am running to be on your CAPE Council. If elected, i will serve you diligently, ethically, accurately, culturally aware, and be on your side. I am a first generation American from Macedonian descent and I have three wonderful children, and as of this year-an amazing husband as well. Thank you for voting and I am looking forward to serving you as your elected CAPE Council member.


Austin Folnagy – CAPE Region 4; Senate District 4

I am running to represent you, the members, as Cape Representative. I am running in order to provide our members with a leader committed to the members and their empowerment by electing pro-working family candidates. I have a proven record of leadership and providing a voice to our collective voices. As a Leader: Former Treasurer for Citizen Activist for Political Education (CAPE), SEIU Sub-Local 471 Vice President, Former Chairman of SEIU Member Organizing Committee, 2016 Oregon Elector, National Political Leader Oregon Delegate for the Democratic National Convention 2020, Former Klamath Community College Trustee, Southern Oregon Education Service District Board Member, and current Lane Community College Trustee. I can represent our diverse members voices on a variety of issues and want to promote forward and strategic thinking. I ask for your support and vote. Thank you.


Ibrahim Coulibaly – CAPE Region 4; Senate District 7

Greetings – My name is Ibrahim; I work at The Bureau of Labor and Industries in Eugene. I am a former steward, former General Conference delegate, former Co-chair of SEIU Civil and Human Rights Committee, current President of SEIU 503 African American Caucus President, and current Secretary of SEIU Western Region African American Caucus (Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Idaho, and Wyoming). I am a current Human Rights Commissioner for the City of Eugene, and the former President of Lane County NAACP.  I am the current Co-Chair of CAPE region 4. I have been involved in political action through activism and lobbyism for civil and human rights. We have some crucial elections coming in 2022. While we are celebrating a great contract for our public employees, we need to make sure the state follows through with the essential workers’ pay. We need to make sure that every decision about us take in consideration our concerns. I need your vote to show up and stand up for our shared values, and make sure that the candidates we endorse are those who will protect and promote the labor movement and labor laws in our cities, our state and at the national level We are stronger together, and our strength gives us the momentum to rise for a better Oregon. In Unity.


James Jacobson – CAPE Region 4; Senate District 7

No Candidate Statement.


Johnny Earl – CAPE Region 4; Senate District 4

Brothers and Sisters, I’m running to represent you as your local Cape Representative for Regional 4. Outside of my experience as being a front-line Steward in my Local for the last twenty years being a part the Cape Council over the last year and a half has been eye opening. Who would have guessed that our little Union PAC would have so much influence on the direction of my livelihood.  Shall it be cost of living increases, voting redistricting, or even clean water streams my Cape Contribution makes a difference. My contribution makes a difference because it enables our Union leaders on Cape Council to vet each candidate that is running for office who work like our Union endorsement to be interviewed by our members to be sure that they are Union friendly. Do the candidates that are running for office share our union values. I would like to continue on in this process of making sure that we elect labor friendly that share our values which would help us get a fair contract at the bargaining table. Please vote for me to represent you on the Cape Council. Sincerely, Johnny Earl


Louie Vidmar – CAPE Region 4; Senate District 7

I’m an IT Consultant 2 at the University of Oregon. Sub local 085 Immediate Past President, current Lead Bargaining Delegate, Lead General Council Delegate, and Steward. I’m interested in being a CAPE delegate because there are some candidates and issues, I’m particularly passionate about. 1) Ousting West Lane Commissioner Bozievich. 2) Doing what we can to curb climate change, and supporting candidates that support this mission. 3) Doing what we can to support Health Care for All Oregon and supporting candidates that support this mission. 4) Doing what we can to counter the new Eugene Payroll tax and supporting candidates that support this mission. Thank you for your consideration. In solidarity, Louie.


Luella Larsen – CAPE Region 4; Senate District 6

My name is Luella Larsen, and I am a Homecare Worker for my 95 year old mother for ten years. I have held many essential roles over the years from grocery to CNA to Adult Foster Homes. I have always been passionate about making sure that my family and friends participate in our civic responsibility to vote. Since joining our Union, I have been a CAPE supporter from the beginning, and participated in every Lobby Day, rally, phone bank and canvass that my mother’s care needs allowed. I have also been a Homecare Council Director for the last 8 years. Some of you might remember us in an advertisement supporting Measure 97 a few years back. I believe that CAPE is so important because we can educate ourselves and each other on issues like funding that have a direct impact on the people we care for and all of our members jobs. It is vital that we have a voice in those decisions. Please support me for CAPE Region 4 SD 6.

Oliver Mintz-Lowe – CAPE Region 4; Senate District 7

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who gave me the opportunity to serve on CAPE in 2019, though I was new to state service; trusting my experience as a canvasser with Oregon AFL-CIO and an organizer and legislative researcher with Public Citizen in Washington, D.C., to help represent our members and communities we serve. Despite the pandemic I have been able to advocate for workers during virtual lobby-days, as part of a team that successfully pushed for a strong budget and full funding of our state agencies. This helped put us in a strong position to secure hazard pay for in-person workers along with increased staffing. I also used my years of phone banking and canvassing experience to help elect pro-union legislators, including SEIU member Deb Patterson, who chairs the Senate Health Care Committee and passed important bills to lower prescription drug prices and mandate minimum nursing home staffing levels. We have a very engaged group who are part of the union’s political activities. In a year where we all have the chance to elect our own boss, via an open Governor’s race, we must involve more members in this process. That’s why I’m currently on the Bylaws and Outreach Subcommittee, working on proposals to increase representation among different caucus groups and work sectors, as well as increasing participation in CAPE elections. Over the past two years I have learned what works well and what needs some improvement. That’s why I’m asking both for your vote and your participation.


Shawn Holliday – CAPE Region 4; Senate District 6

No Candidate Statement.


Thaddeus Call – CAPE Region 4; Senate District 7

The primary role of SEIU Local 503 is to ensure that union members throughout the state receive the support and assistance they need to care for themselves and those they serve. A significant part of that is ensuring that the politicians who serve us at the state and local levels are ones who understand and care about the work we do, the people we serve and the people doing the work. I understand the challenges that many Oregonians face on a day-to-day basis. I have worked in many different industries, including food service, construction, retail, agriculture and housing. I am also a licensed attorney who has worked as a public defender, district attorney, assistant attorney general and in private practice. I have rubbed shoulders with the privileged and powerful as well as the poor and underserved. I understand both the needs of the people and the motivations of the politicians, and I hope to work with both groups to improve the lives of all Oregonians. We should not settle for politicians and policies that are adequate. The SEIU has a great deal of influence due to both our membership numbers and our vital roles in keeping things working in nearly every aspect of daily life. Service is right there in our name. If elected to this position, I will do my best to ensure that those in power remember that they are there to serve the people of Oregon or they will be replaced by those who understand service.


Twila Jacobsen – CAPE Region 4; Senate District 4; Retiree

As the stakes get higher, we increase our impact through the work of the CAPE Council. The upcoming 2022 election cycle includes the very important Governor’s race. I have had the privilege of working as the Chair of the CAPE Council for two cycles advocating for expanding access of materials for non-English as first language members, the importance of working with our allies during the legislative session through the Climate Justice Committee and staying active through the Retiree Local. Regional and local candidates seek out our endorsement especially as union members are increasingly running for local positions. Our advocacy and work are not only vital for union members, but to the continuation of democratic governance and a positive future for our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. So much to do, so many ways to provide a vision for a viable future for working people, our families and communities, and the real potential of a resilient future. I hope that you will vote for me as a CAPE Council delegate. Twila Jacobsen



David Roadman – CAPE Region 5; Senate District 2; Retiree

No Candidate Statement.


Julia Bockelman – CAPE Region 5; Senate District 28

Born in Oregon and third generation caregiver, I am passionate about the progress made for HCW’s and the people we serve. My Grandmother ran a compassionate care home for senior and disabled, and I now care for her daughter, my mother. We face unprecedented times in home health care and with our voices united, we are heard. I hope to be a voice for Klamath County and continue my grandmother’s legacy by striving toward the goals we value, collectively. I achieved a Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology from Oregon Tech, while working as a PSW/HCW, and raising sons. I was honored when approached with this opportunity to serve my community and look forward to performing to the best of my abilities in this position. Thank you for your time and consideration. Best Regards, Julia


Mera Gagnon – CAPE Region 5; Senate District 3

I have been a member of the SEIU 503 council and serving with CAPE because I care about supporting my fellow workers any way I can contribute.


Rebecca Sandoval – CAPE Region 5; Senate District 3

No Candidate Statement.



Andrea Clark – CAPE Region 6 ; Senate District 27

Andrea Clark-Candidate for CAPE Council Region 6, Senate District 27 Local 99: Homecare Worker I’m a lifelong Oregon resident, graduate of the University of Oregon, and a long time homecare worker, caring for my mom. My involvement with SEIU 503 came after witnessing the many injustices and challenges that both care providers and their consumers face every day, watching the most vulnerable people in our state and those that care for them slip through the cracks. I have now seen and been a part of the sheer power of the united front of SEIU 503 and have been working hard to do my part to keep that momentum going. I have spent the last several years highly involved in union leadership roles having participated in political canvassing and actions, spoken on behalf of fellow sub-locals, served on Homecare Council, CAPE Council, as a delegate for General Council and currently I am serving on the Board of Directors for SEIU 503. I have also participated in the MLDP, reaching out to fellow care providers both to grow our union and unite my coworkers. I’ve been a long-time contributing CAPE member and now would appreciate the chance to represent my home district by participating on our political action team. Doing my best to fight for the rights and respect of care providers, their consumers and all of my fellow union brothers and sisters. I’m hoping for the opportunity to serve as your next CAPE council delegate. Please vote for me, Andrea Clark


Cristal DeJarnac – CAPE Region 6; Senate District 27

Hi, my name is Cristal DeJarnac and I live in Bend. I’ve been a member of CAPE since 2018, in 2019 I became the Region 6 Chair, it has been my great pleasure to represent all members East of the Cascades. I was involved with the 2020 Secretary of State campaign that put Shemia Fagan, a longtime ally of SEIU 503 into office, and the Jason Kropf Campaign that flipped HD 54 from red to BLUE as well as the SD 27 race that we did not win but was very close. This coming election will be extremely important for all our members. There is a lot of work to be done, with the State Redistricting and the open Governor’s seat, we need to elect a Senator and a Governor who support Unions and working family values. It is the Governor and our State Legislators who set the budgets for the Contracts of all State, Homecare and Personal Support Workers and funds our Programs. It is our Senators in DC who push forth the Programs and Bills that support and effect every single Oregonian. We will need a lot of boots on the ground this coming election to ensure that we continue to have a future of getting good Contracts, our working family values are upheld, and our Programs don’t get CUT. Come join me and fight to protect our Contracts, our Programs and our State, our Members and Consumer/Clients depend on us. I’m up for the task, are you?


Helen Moore – CAPE Region 6 – Senate District 29

I am interested in serving on CAPE Council because I believe that the political arm of SEIU is extremely important to our membership. Without labor friendly state leaders, it is very difficult to bargain for good contracts for all our workers. As an SEIU member for more than 40 years, I’ve seen the difference that can be made when we have support at the legislative level. I am running for CAPE Council member because I want to be a part of the body that continues to make sure the candidates that we endorse keep workers’ interests at the forefront when passing the laws that affect us. I would appreciate your vote for CAPE Council member, SD 29 – CAPE Region 6. Thank you, Helen Moore, Higher Ed, Eastern Oregon University

LaMara Thrasher – CAPE Region 6 ; Senate District 27

I have been a caregiver since 1990, a homecare worker and involved in the SEIU union since 2014. I like helping people and I like the Idea of making a positive difference.


Sarah M Ray – CAPE Region 6; Senate District 30

I have served on the CAPE Council in the past and enjoyed the process. I remain active in SEIU and would like to continue to serve on the council. I am committed to getting caregivers in an underserved population the wages, benefits, and recognition they so dearly deserve. I have spent my life advocating for this industry. The CAPE council is an amazing group that gets things done.


Teri Anne Hearrell – CAPE Region 6; Senate District 26

I live in Sandy, Oregon and I feel that we need more representation in Sandy! Please vote for me!


Wendi Damerval – CAPE Region 6; Senate District 29

Please consider electing me for Citizens Action for Political Education in region 6, North Eastern Oregon, & Umatilla County. I want to advocate and engage and develop members in this region. I want to work to create strategic alliances with key local leaders and organizations and explain and encourage them to advocate for our purpose and values. I understand the members of SEIU 503 will be best served by strong coordination of voices of working people, where nobody has to worry about getting paid, or paying for health care, where public services are not blocked by impossible barriers, or hidden in the trees, nor when found, lacking. I’ve always knows the middle class isn’t a given, it’s something we have to join together to maintain. I want to share my skills and abilities from my background in business, and law as a Paralegal, as a Real Estate Broker who’s written many contracts, a Mom who’s attended years of (I.E.P.) Individual Education Planning meetings at public schools, advocated in Administrative Education Due Process Hearings, mediation and received training to support persons with special needs. I have experience with political campaigns, phone-banking, planning events, canvassing, caucusing, writing for newsletters, sending emails and texts, and bringing people together for a common cause. Please consider me for the C.A.P.E.