This table will be updated after each bargaining session. Please note, this table only reflects major points of proposals. Not every aspect of every proposal is reflected below. For more detail, please reach out to your coalition’s bargaining delegate. Last updated 6/1/21.

Article Proposal Management Proposal
DHS LOA HS Case Manager – Trial Service Union says “status quo” to 6 month trial service Management proposes to extend this trial service from the current 6 months to 12 months.
DHS LOA 10.1M-05-119 DDS Clarification of Union Rights Allows DDS Stewards workload adjustments to provide representation in some instances. Human Services Contract pg. 68 Tentatively Agreed
OED LOA 132.1C-18-313 OED Criminal Records Check Make the Criminal Records Check Procedure available to all applicable OED employees. If OED employee is found unfit based on criminal records check OED will notify employee, employee may appeal decision, OED will offer an alternate position or provide layoff rights if an alternate position is not possible. Human Services Contract pg. 78 Tentatively Agreed
DHS LOA 132.1M-18-321 DDS Criminal Records Check DDS employees must have background check if hired prior to May 2018. If DDS employee is deemed unfit to perform in current position DDS will attempt to find another position in same salary range. Employee must meet minimum qualifications for that position, if not able to meet minimum qualifications, DHS will find position in the next lower salary and will continue that effort until a position is found. Human Services Contract pg. 79 Tentatively Agreed
DHS LOA 32.1M-15-281 Straight-Time Eligible Positions – DDS Medical Consultants DDS Medical Consultants are eligible to receive 1 hour of compensatory time off for each hour of overtime worked in excess of 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. Payment in cash for such hours can only occur if time off requests are denied for use of accrued leave before the year ends, which then results in forfeiture. As a result of not having the opportunity to take compensatory time, the Parties have agreed employees may choose to receive either straight-time
pay or compensatory time off for each hour of overtime worked in excess of 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. Human Services Contract pg. 73
Tentatively Agreed
DHS LOA 49.1M-036-72 Disability Analyst 1 Trial Service Disability Analyst 1 trial service will be 9 months. However, the trial service period will be 6 months for an employee who has prior experience evaluating or adjudicating applicants for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income in another state, and as a result of that experience, is not required to attend Basic Disability Analyst training. The performance expectations for those employees serving a 9 month trial service period shall be adjusted in consideration of the period of initial training required. The parties agree to a training evaluation commitee to insure successful completion of trial service and results reported to DDS Administrator. Human Services Contract pg. 75 Tentatively Agreed and Moving to Body of Contract
OED LOA 21.1C-99-07 Grievance & Arb Procedure Letter of Agreement for alternative means to solve grievance at lower levels. Human Services Contract pg. 68 Tentatively Agreed
OED LOA 49.1C-01-63 BES Trial Service Reduces Business and Employment Service Specialist 1 trial service period to 6 months. Human Services Contract pg. 75 No response
OED LOA 71.1C-17-302 OED Seasonal Employees, New Hires Seasonal employees are utilized for workload peaks. Seasonal employees will complete trial service after having served 1,040 hours.Seasonal employees will be informed in writing that the position is seasonal and the work is provided upon those conditions. The unscheduling of a seasonal employee is not considered to be a layoff. Seasonal workers will be scheduled and unscheduled by seniority. Full time seasonal employees will be provided the same benefits as permanent full time employees. Seasonal part time employees will be provided the same benefits as permanent part time employees. In the event a seasonal employee fails to maintain at least 80 paid regular hours because of unscheduling,
the employee shall be allowed to use available vacation or compensatory time to maintain eligibility for health insurance. Human Services Contract pg. 76
Tentatively Agreed
DHS LOA 00.00-99-51 CW Parnership (PSU) Given the history and nature of these Child Welfare Partnership positions and the unique relationship between these employees and DHS, the intent of this Agreement is for DHS to hold incumbents harmless as they move back into DHS positions. Provisions applied are: Salary Administration, Overtime, Filling of Vacancies, Voluntary Demotion, Sick Leave, Vacation Leave, Layoff, Classification         Adds a TD2 Classification      Human Services Contract pg. 80 Tentatively Agreed
DHS LOA 00.00-99-45 DDS Employee Recognition Employees may submit ballots at the beginning of each month to recognize a fellow employee and that elected employee may receive a 1/2 day of compensatory time or a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant. Human Services Contract pg. 79 Tentatively Agreed
OED LOA 00.00-09-166 Performance Incentive Awards for Veterans The purpose of this Letter of Agreement is to authorize the Oregon Employment Department to administer a performance incentive awards program to encourage quality employment training and placement services for veterans as directed by Public Law (P.L.)107-288, Section 4112, United States Code Title 38, Chapters 41-43 and modified by P.L. 109-461. The Agency’s program will substantially follow the Performance Incentive Awards Plan for Services to Veterans. Eligible recipients, which include other SEIU-represented agencies and staff are defined in the plan as: Community College Workforce Development Staff, workforce partners such as Dislocated Worker Program, and joint OED/WIA partners and one-stop office teams working on specific veteran events                        Human Services Contract pg. 81 Tentatively Agreed
DHS/OHA LOA 00.00-19-343 Joint Wellness Committee In an effort to support and enhance worksite wellness programs created in accordance with the DHS-OHA Safety and Wellness Policy DHS-060-042, the Committee will: actively discuss and consider any proposed recommendations around worksite wellness activities, including but not limited to those that are evidence-based and/or culturally relevant and shall be allowed to discuss wellness related topics other than the 4 focus areas outlined in the Governor’s Executive Order, and will have authority to vet those through the process outlined within the policy. Human Services Contract pg. 82 Tentatively Agreed
Coalition LOA 00-00-19-344 Trauma Informed Training We have proposed new language that Agencies will offer at least one training during the term of this Agreement that is based on the most current research regarding trauma informed approaches. That Trauma Informed Trainings will be mandated every two years. Human Services Contract pg. 83 Management wants to continue current language
DHS LOA 00-00-19-366 CW Partnership Changes “Partnership” to “Alliance”                                                                                                                                                                 DHS agrees to continue the current Partnership that has been established between Child Welfare leadership and SEIU for the purpose of having workers more involved in culture change and best practices in Child Welfare. Human Services Coalition Contract pg. 85 Tentatively Agreed
DHS LOA 00.00-19-367 CW Reporting Removes requirement for management to provide report to the “Partnership”                                                                                     Parties agree to report to the Union and the Partnership on a monthly basis the following information:
• Current caseworkers onboard• FTE on leave due to FMLA/OFLA• Recommended number of cases per job type (permanency, CPS, etc.), if one hundred percent (100%) funded• Caseworker staffing as percent (%) of position authority• Caseworker staffing level as percent (%) of workload model needed• Net vacancy tracking of workload classifications (SSS1s, SS2s, SSAs, OS2s, PEMC, PRLG)• Child Welfare field separations by category (all classifications), including death, dismissal, retirement, resignation, or transfer• Total number of overtime hours worked by Child Welfare staff• Total number of double fills. Human Services Contract pg. 86
Tentatively Agreed
DHS LOA 45.1M-13-235 Filling of Vacancies Temporary Work Re-Assignment Added “Any applicable private vehicle mileage reimbursement will be in accordance with DAS Statewide Travel Policy 40.10.00”               If a temporary work re-assignment will last longer than 6 months, the Agency will notify the employee and Union in writing of the anticipated duration of the extension, prior to extending the assignment. The Agency will notify an employee in writing 30 days in advance of a temporary work re-assignment involving a change in the employee’s worksite of 25 miles or more, unless mutually agreed to waive the timeframe. If the change is less than 25 miles, the Agency will notify the employee in writing 5 working days in advance of the temporary work re-assignment, when feasible. Human Services Contract pg. 74 Tentatively Agreed
OHA LOA 123.1M-19-329 OHA Incliment Weather & Hazard Conditions Because of the nature of work at OHA’s Public Health Division, an inclement conditions list and hazardous conditions list are substantially different in scope. Each incorporates different units and level of response, making it necessary to have two (2) different lists in order to meet business needs. The purpose of this Agreement is to identify procedures and notification processes that will be utilized for these lists. This LOA lays out those responses. Human Services Contract pg. 78 Management countered with changing the level of training from 300 to 200
Coalitioan LOA 136.1-19-342 Critical Incident Leave The purpose of this Agreement is to ensure that any employee who suffers from direct trauma during the performance of their work, including but not limited to verbal harassment or threats from clients, receives the support time that is needed to recover from any psychological impairment caused by the action. We have proposed creating a Paid Critical Incident Leave Bank. Human Services Contract pg. 79 No Response
DHS LOA 00.00-16-293 Temporary Placement of Children The purpose of this Letter of Agreement is to address the use of employees to provide DHS supervised emergency temporary placements of children (“emergency placements”) due to lack of available foster placements statewide.                                                Changes proposed by the Union: Defines Emergency Temporary Placement of Children, defines what staff and how many staff will lodge with a child, how many hours at a time staff will lodge, provisions for inadequacy of available staff, per diem provisions and expenses, providin an electronic or physical binder that describes the condition of the child/children, an hour a day of protected time while lodging, provisions for medical quarantine. Human Services Contract pg. 81 5.12.21 Management Countered with striking “emergency” from placement language. Does not want to include medical quarantine to this article. Agreed to additional expenses with approval. Does not want to break up shifts
DHS LOA 00.00-19-365 Child Welfare Caseload The Agency is committed to working with employees on managing caseloads that are above the workload model. Employees who have a caseload above the workload model may request assistance from their supervisor to explore viable options to manage the workload. Human Services Contract pg. 85 Tentatively Agreed
OED LOA BES Rights OR Paid Fam Leave New LOA that provides Business and Employment Specialists first rights for the processing of claims for the Oregon Paid Family Leave Program. No lower salary range will be used by the Agency for outreach, technical assistance, processing, or compliance services of the Paid Family Leave Program. No Response
OED LOA OPFL First Hiring Rights Union proposed that OED prioritizes hiring internally OED Employees for all non- management open positions for the Paid Family Leave Program. OED Staff that meet minimum qualifications for the positions, will have an initial interview scheduled. If there are any openings that cannot be filled internally, then the agency can recruit from other state agencies within the Human Services Coalition before recruiting externally. No Response
OED LOA Metrics Collaboration The Union proposed a new LOA that stablishes a Metrics LMC to discuss metrics used in the different programs of Oregon Employment Department. The Committee is to meet at least once a quarter and discuss: the metrics used, application of those metrics across programs and agency, issues with the metrics; to hear complaints, and to develop suggestions for and to provide meeting minutes to OED Statewide LMC. Management asks Union to withdraw saying metrics are established by Dept of Labor. Metrics for discipline does not exist and to work with local LMC.
Coalition LOA Internal Mgmt Hiring Rights The Union proposed a new LOA stating that the Human Services agencies agree to posting management positions internally prior to posting externally. Internal applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be scheduled for an interview. Internal training by agencies will be considered towards qualifications for management openings. Management askes Union to withdraw. Policy for management hiring exists and it is management’s right to fill management positions.
Article 58.1 Holidays Union proposed that  this Article includes the HS Coalition in total                                                                                                                For legal holidays where the calendar date of the legal holiday falls on other than Friday or Monday and the employee
is scheduled to work, the employee will be paid time and one-half (1 ½) after midnight (12:01 a.m.). The employee will receive
holiday leave for the following scheduled workshift. Human Services Contract pg. 43
Management askes Union to withdraw. Says payroll alsready does this
Coalition LOA Workload Coalition New LOA: The Agencies shall develop a workload model for all positions, utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methodology. The purpose of this LOA is to provide workers a voice in the workload model through a worker/management committee process that creates a plan for workload models collaboratively. Management asks Union to withdraw. Some positions already have workload models. Does not make sense for many OHA classifications. Use local LMC to solve issues.
DHS LOA SSA Career Advancement New LOA that creates a path for SSAs to attend Essential Elements trainings, career advancement coaching and feedback when failing interviews Mgmt asked Union to withdraw. EE training is 3 wks course and cannot remove SSAs from field for 3 wks. EE is for CMs and training  would not nesessarily promote an SSA.
DHS LOA APS Law Enforcement Collaboration New LOA that maximizes the ability of workers to collaborate with Law Enforcement Agencies, as mandated by ORS 124.070: Duty to investigate and to manage APS caseloads, the Agency shall recognize the following model: The APS office in the county where the alleged abuse or neglect has occurred is ultimately responsible to provide investigations to the victim. The APS office in the county where the alleged victim has their primary residence is ultimately responsible to provide protective services to the victim. Mgmt asked Union to withdraw. Contradicts policy
Coalition LOA ADA New Coalition LOA that creates timelines for responses to acommodations and creates a worker/management committee that reviews employee appeals to coordinator decisions regarding their request. The committee has the power to make recommendations after review. Also allows a steward to be part of the interactive process. Management asks Union to withdraw.
DHS LOA CW Grievance Panel New LOA that would allow child welfare workers to appeal a grievance to a panel of workers/managers to hear the grievance and make recommendations for resolution. No Response
Article 121.1 Education, Training and Development Agreed to additional language: Any trainings noted on an Employee Development Plan that has been approved by a manager will be available to the employee within the timeframe of the Employee Development Plan, barring budgetary limitations, training availability, or other causes outside of  management’s control. Such requests shall not be arbitrarily denied. Any  employee who is denied training may request and shall receive in writing an explanation of the reasons of the denial. Human Services Contract pg. 63 Tentatively Agreed
Article 56.1 Hardship Leave New Coalition language: Agencies will allow employees to make donations of up to five hours, and no less than half an hour, per pay period of accumulated compensatory time or vacation leave to a designated donated leave bank for the purposes of use by employees who qualify for Hardship Leave. Employees receiving donated leave shall not have the amount of hours pulled from the bank not to exceed the hours necessary to cover for the qualifying absence as provided in paragraph (d), to a coworker in that Agency or different Agency. For purposes of this Agreement, hardship leave donations will be administered under the following stipulations and the terms of this Agreement shall be strictly enforced with no exceptions. This shall not affect an employee’s ability to donate leave under Article 56. AND  Employees will be given the option to begin donating leave pool no later than December 1, 2021. Employees will be able to utilize the leave pool beginning January 1, 2022. Human Services Contract pg. 56 Mgmt says they are interested, however do not know how to operationalize in current payroll system
Article 100.1 Safety and Health New Coalition language that allows an employee to use 30 minutes a week for wellness paid by the employer. Human Services Contract pg. 60 Mgmt Counters with reporting updates within 30 days to LMCs
Article 101.1 Security New Coaliton Language: Employees may report dangerous or threatening conditions and a written response by the agency will be provided within 30 days.  The agency will offer trainings to respond to unsafe conditions, provide de-escalation training, and conduct periodic inspections of work areas/buildings to identify risks. Human Services Contract pg. 59 Mgmt Countered eliminating the 30 day written response and offering trainings saying trainings are already available online.
Article 43.1 Career Development New Coalition Language: At the explicit request of the employee, managers shall consider providing professional growth opportunities, such as Rotational Opportunities, Stretch Assignments and Developmental Opportunities. This shall be considered a mandatory discussion, such as for coaching and Employee Development Plans (EDPs), at the request of the employee. This shall be used exclusively for the express purpose of developing employee potential for a different classification and/or leadership opportunities, e.g. Lead Worker, Team Lead. Successful completion of tasks and/or projects for career development opportunities and promotional positions shall be considered for the purposes of experience for qualifying for the role of such career development opportunities, promotional positions and/or different classifications. No Response
Article 13.1M Contracting Out New DHS Language the outlines provisions to avoid contracting out Management asks Union to withdraw saying contracting out affects all agencies
DHS/OHA/OIS LOA Alternatives to Contracting Out Creates a labor/management committee to develop alternatives to contracting out Management asks Union to withdraw. Feasibility studies are provided to the Union and Union can provide alternatives to Agencies
Coalition LOA_Contracting Out Amounts New Coalition language: In an effort to provide enhanced transparency and build a stronger culture of collaboration between Labor and Management, especially with respect to represented staff, the Parties agree to the following: All Contracts with Entities external to the State of Oregon shall be explicated in terms of Not To Exceed, Cost to Date, Description and Purpose. Such data shall be provided at an Agency Level to the Labor\Management Committee. Contracting Details shall be provided to the Union each quarter. Management asks Union to withdraw. Feasibility studies are provided to the Union and Union can provide alternatives to Agencies
Coalition LOA_Contracting Out Outcomes New Coalition LOA that would create a labor/management committee to review software for all standing vendor contracts and contracting firms which are actively writing software, vendor source software may be presented by vendors, vendors and contracting firms may be required to provide training to staff and will be required if staff are to engage in maintenence and operations of such software. No Repsonse
Coalition LOA_Contracting Out Demographics New Coalition LOA – Demographics data for vendors and contracting firms, including for sub-contractors of all types, shall be proactively provisioned on a quarterly basis to the Agency. Summary statistics on all vendors/contractors who contract with the Agency shall be provided to the Union and Labor Management Committees.
Management asks Union to withdraw. Vendors do not have to provide demographic data and cannot be forced to per legal advice
DHS/OHA  LOA_Internal Staff Retention New DHS/OHA LOA – Creates a committee to discuss and formulate solutions for increasing the availability of rotational positions for entry-level positions, i.e. initial positions for a particular career track within OIS, which are available only to internal staff at the State of Oregon. This committee shall develop a plan for creating an internship program for potential new hires. This committee shall develop a plan for creating community outreach/recruitment program. No Response
DHS/OHA LOA_Straight Time Payout New DHS/OHA LOA –  Straight Time Compensation, that is, compensation time accrued by exempt-status represented staff may accumulate to a maximum of one-hundred sixty (160) hours.
In each pay period, subject to budgetary emergencies, an employee may request to cash out and receive payment for up to one-hundred twenty (120) hours of Straight Time Compensation. The employee must be a regular status employee and have at least 40 hours of Straight Time (ST). When such cash payout is impossible, the Employer shall schedule time off in excess of one hundred twenty (120) hours within sixty (60) days prior to the date the leave would reach one hundred sixty (160) hours.
No Response
DHS Article 45.1M Filling of Vacancies Revised DHS article that adds Compassionate Care Hardship Transfer defined as a hardship transfer when a family member needs care in a family member’s home. In addition the Union proposes that data be given to the Union regarding how the Agency is filling vacancies in terms of internal vs. external hires. Lastly the Union proposes that external Hires will be vetted through the same interview process as Internal Promotions for Open Competitive Positions, and Internal Staff will not be subject to any additional requirements as compared to External Hires. Management Countered saying they are required to interview, there is a very large interview pool and rarely interviews external candidates reducing diversity. Proposed that internal candidates meet above minimal requirements.
OED Article 45.1C Filling of Vacancies Revised OED article that adds Compassionate Care Hardship Transfer defined as a hardship transfer when a family member needs care in a family member’s home. In addition the Union proposes that data be given to the Union regarding how the Agency is filling vacancies in terms of internal vs. external hires. Lastly the Union proposes that external Hires will be vetted through the same interview process as Internal Promotions for Open Competitive Positions, and Internal Staff will not be subject to any additional requirements as compared to External Hires. Management countered with language that OED would only interview the TOP 5 candidates from skill survey. External candidates would also have to submit skill survey.
DHS/OHA Article 106.1M LMC DHS/OHA Article revised to propose that Union members of the LMC are provided 4 paid hours to prepare for Labor Management Committee meetings. Management asked Union to withdraw
OED Article 106.1C LMC OED Article revised to propose that Union members of the LMC are provided 4 paid hours to prepare for Labor Management Committee meetings. Management asked Union to withdraw