We are rapidly approaching the contract negotiations finish line. Modified proposals are virtually flying back and forth across the tables as the most crucial priorities for both sides become apparent.

Here’s the latest from the ODOT Coalition Bargaining Team, your member-elected representatives who negotiate on behalf of workers at ODOT, DMV, ODFW, ODF, OPRD, OWRD, ODA and DOGAMI.

On June 9 and 16, the bargaining team met with management to again negotiate on a variety of issues, including supporting a better work-life balance, improving stewards’ rights and increasing workplace safety. We passed a lot during these sessions and await management’s responses.

We came to a tentative agreement on a package that would:

  • ​​​Improve training and safety for CDL drivers at ODFW.
  • Improve tenant’s rights and maintenance at agency-provided housing for ODFW employees.
  • Make scheduling rules for ODFW’s Ocean Salmon and Columbia River Program permanent in the contract.
  • Include $100 reimbursement for CDL certificate when testing is completed through a third-party examiner.

We continued pushing for improvements on several articles, including the following, and we await management’s responses:

  • Article 103.3 – Safeguards for handling hostile members of the public.
  • Article 70.3B – Improving conditions for any future OPRD layoffs given experience with covid in 2020.
  • Article 122.3 – Uniforms, Protective Clothing and Tools.
  • Article 10 – Stewards’ rights.

From the Central Table
The Central Table is a separate bargaining process that determines wages and other statewide issues. There is a lot moving here, including raises, steps, hazard pay, essential worker differential, working remotely and hazardous conditions. Central Table continues to meet weekly to advance economic proposals and you can read Central Table updates on our website.

Join us June 24th for a Tele-town Hall!
The bargaining table is made stronger by you! Take action in support of our bargaining team by joining us for a Tele-town Hall this Thursday, June 24 at 6:30pm. We will share a bargaining update and discuss next steps we have for our I Am Essential bargaining campaign. Our Tele-town Hall system will directly call you when the meeting starts, but if you miss the call, you can also join by calling 971-304-0771 at 6:30pm.