On April 14, the bargaining team met again with management to wade through proposals, identify areas of agreement and pass counter proposals.

Among our top priorities are a better balance on comp time cashouts, break language, stewards’ rights and workplace safety. Management responded to our new proposals in a disappointing manner, primarily responding with a simple rejection to the requests. Your bargaining team remains committed, strategic, unified and strong, and will push forward to win the best contract possible. But we need your help.

If you have information on the following, please contact Lesley Adams at adamsl@seiu503.org or one of your bargaining delegates. This information may help us with some proposals at the table:

  • ODFW hatchery housing conditions.
  • ODOT/ODF tool expenses.
  • Unsafe interactions with hostile clients/members of the public that you felt were not appropriately handled by your agency.
  • Lack of access to stewards.
  • Feeling unsafe behind the wheel as a CDL driver for ODFW.

We also made some progress.

We came to a tentative agreement on three proposals:

  • Article 66.3 (Vacation Leave) – Clarifies process to break a tie if two employees have both exercised their seniority rights within the two year period and request same time off.
  • Article 70.3C (Geographic Area for Layoff at ODF) – Simple housekeeping language.
  • Article 90.3CT (Work Schedules at ODF) – Simple housekeeping language.

Next Steps and Events

We will continue to meet every other Wednesday for the next several months, and we need your support at your worksites to make your bargaining team as strong as can be at the table. Click here for information on campaign actions and events.

Members from the ODOT bargaining team will host a virtual update gathering on Thursday, April 29 from 5:30-6:30pm. Join us to hear progress and ask questions about our negotiations on wages, benefits and other workplace issues.

ODOT Coalition Bargaining Update Gathering
Thursday, April 29 from 5:30-6:30pm
Zoom Link

Letters of Agreement (LOAs)

The following LOAs can be accessed in your contract, in Appendix A (page 92)

We came to agreement on continuing the following nine existing Letters of Agreement:

  • 32.3A-20-375: MCEO and Senior MCEO (ODOT)
  • 32.3F-19-346: Straight Time Eligible Positions (DOGAMI)
  • 34.3E-20-387: Standby Duty/On Call Duty-Hatcheries (ODFW)
  • 40.3A-19-355: Safety Show Up Compensation (ODOT)
  • 40.3A-19-356: Call Back Clarification (ODOT)
  • 132.3A-20-383: CJIS Clearance (ODOT)
  • 00.00-05-137: Work Capacity Testing (ODF)
  • 00.00-16-289: Maintenance Trainee Program (ODOT)
  • 00.00-19-345: Updating Position Descriptions Prior to Layoffs (DOGAMI)

We agreed to sunset the following four Letters of Agreement:

  • 32.3E-07-145: Upland Bird Hunt Surveys (ODFW)
  • 60.3C-19-351: Ad hoc Labor/Management Committee for Standard Assignment Policy Revision (ODF)
  • 90.3A-19-357: Temporary Committee for opening/closing duties at DMV Field Offices (ODOT/DMV)
  • 132.3A-18-322: Fingerprint-Based Criminal Background Checks (ODOT/DMV)